Don't know how to tell her

I've been with my new GF for 5months now, & i don't know if I should tell her this secret or leave it a secret. I love her but don't wanna lose her cos of it. The secret is me & my 3 best friends j*** off together. We've been doing it since we started highschool & we're now about to finish highschool. My 3 friends I do it with, there GF's know what we do together & they're okay with it. With out going into why my best friends GF's are okay with it. I just hope mine is okay about if I tell her. I just don't want her flipping out & telling everyone in our neighbourhood & school. We been busted plenty of times, but everyone whos busted us has never said a word about it. Thats how one of my friends met his GF, cos she walked in on the 4 of us & next thing there going out?? WTF?? Will my GF be cool if i tell her? Or does it stay a secret?

Jul 14, 2011

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  • I think that's really a topic that doesn't need to come up in conversation...I mean, I would just be safe and let it slip into the "private info" spot in your brain.

  • Gay.

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