Need some advice

I've been dating this guy for close to five months.
We were friends for quite a while best friends actually he knew I liked him we did a lot of things together like when a group of friends would invite me or him somewhere they always knew we would be together and we mainly only hung out with each other The more we hung out the more I liked him, One New Years we went to a party together as friends (But he did know I liked him a lot) Well I really wanted to hook up with him and everyone seemed to tell he liked me too.. well later on I seen him and another guy we went to school with talking and afterwards one of my female friends came and wanted everyone to come outside meanwhile the guy my friend was talking to came up to me pushed me into a bedroom while everyone else was outside and started kissing me and told me my guy friend told him to go for it.. so I went for it because I thought he obviously doesn't want me so what the h***?? (Me and the guy didn't have s** just made out and messed around) so after we came out of the room I seen my guy friend and he had another one of my friends sitting on his lap playin video games. It kinda hurt my feelings a little but I was like eh w/e We can both have fun with people, anyway a group of my friends were looking to get high (weed) I knew a guy that could get us some good weed for cheap since he really liked me so we went and got it came back and I was high me and one of my other guy friends go into the bedroom where my friend that i like is in there laying in bed with yet a different girl. Hurt me once again... So anyways I told him my feelings and to me it felt like he just blew them off because a girl he messed with for one night he wanted to date :/ well she screwed him over and what not and after that he came and started wanting to hang out again and everything and I was fine with that so we hung out, and one night he kissed me the next he took me to homecoming and after that he asked me out I was so happy I said yes, I'm still with him, Now that we've been together I'm having second thoughts like was I just a rebound from the other girl? He says I'm not but I believe I am... And everytime I'm with him I hate him for messing around with that girl on New Years, but when he leaves I love him and want him back with me...
And Here next month he's going to visit New York where he's from.. He always has a girl on there telling him she misses him and he told her when he comes back he's going to take her to some place... He claims he would never cheat (But what cheater claims they'll cheat??) But I'm having second thoughts about being with him he may move back to New York for college..
Can someone please help give advice ?? like real advice no sarcasm??

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