I hope my boyfriend comes out! (I'm a girl!)

I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend is gay. (I'm a girl, we dated pretty seriously for a year and a half, we're still good friends.) That isn't what bothers me. I want him to be happy and I can tell that he isn't. It pains me to see him suppressing himself because I love him so much for who he is. I feel like he doesn't love himself the same way.

I'm terrified that he'll come out to some guy who will take advantage of him in such a vulnerable moment and break his heart. If he came out to me, I would jump into his arms and celebrate with him. I would never use him or take advantage of him. I would stand with him against anybody who gave him trouble about it.

I'm afraid he doesn't see that. I don't think he would come out to me because he would be afraid to hurt my feelings because of the whole "I turned him gay" stigma. I hope he knows that, even though our relationship is over, I still love him and I will always have his back. That's what love does.

Guys, if you have something to confess to your girls, do it. If she really loves you she'll support you.

Jun 28, 2011

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  • News flash people - having s** with someone of the same s** is not right, no matter how right it 'feels'. You are being deceived by a lying spirit (or demon) and fulfilling this l*** will lead you to H*** (real place - check out references to it in the Bible - Jesus says "Flee H***" for a good reason!
    You know the old saying, "The road to H*** is paved with good intentions"? Well, you may be well-intentioned wanting a person to be 'happy' by fulfilling their (wrong) natural, fallen desires, but just really how much do you 'love' the person if you are encouraging them to take part in behavior that will lead them to H***? Read the Bible people. The book is True, the author is True, (the Holy Spirit) and the consequences are real. God loves you and warns you - it will be your choice where you end up after physical death - if you follow Christ, there is joy and life eternal - if you do the deeds of the devil, (Satan) then you will end up where your (spirit) father (Satan) is. Think carefully! H*** is real, h*** fire is real, and your body will burn in the lake of fire for eternity. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

  • when our with him alone sometime and your both chatting and laughing just say i would love to see two men together having s** i think that would be so dam hot.then he might suggest something.never hurt to try it.my gf knows i have sucked d*** after my wife passed away 3 years ago ,but said i hope you dont do it now i said no .for right now .but ill confess soon.

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