My teen secret wish

I secretly wish I was pregnant and kicked out and moved in with my bestfriend and have my bf always there for me

Jul 4, 2011

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  • I'm 28 and married to an awesomely supportive husband and having a kid is f****** hard for me! We are middle class and it's f****** hard financially. Now, add to that a bf that would likely bail on you, being poor as f*** because really, how much could you make an hour? 9 bucks, maybe, if you're lucky, your BFF's parents would so not take you and a baby in, so you would be with your parents who would treat you worse than they do now, because you would have disappointed them. Did you know that one can of formula is $15?! And a 6 month old can drink like 8 cans a month??? That's $120! A $25 case of diapers might last 2 weeks if you let the wet diapers get good and full before you change them. Oh and don't get me started on preschool! Those rat bastards will cost more than rent! Omg and the amount of laundry! There is this thing that babies do, they don't tell you about it, it's called blowout. Babies have wet diapers, not solid poo like kids and adults, yeah well it escapes the diaper and goes up baby's back! And speaking of that, have you ever poo'd on a table in front of 5 people? Well get ready 'cause that happens in the delivery room! I'm 28, I love my kids to death but a teenager that would voluntarily take this on would be f***** stupid.

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