An Embarrassing Mistake

Although I'd never done it, I've always kind of been interested in what the "panty sniffing" craze was all about.

Last summer, I finally got my chance. At some friends' house, the three of us were hanging out for awhile. Then, the couple went to the store, while I was just sitting on the couch watching TV.

While they were gone, I went to the bathroom, and while washing my hands, I discovered a pair of jeans in the floor. Curious, I opened them up to find dark gray underwear.

When I brought them to my face and breathed deeply, the smell was utterly incredible, and I instantly loved it. Being summer, there was the interesting smell of sweat, and a slight hint of urine.

I breathed them in again, but it was about the third time that I made a horrifying discovery - I noticed they were MEN's briefs, and that I had been both sniffing and greatly enjoying the smell of his crotch! OMG!

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  • Too contrived.

  • "omg" that is awesome! you sniffed the sweaty crotch of a dude's underwear, brought those grey briefs to your face multiple times, and LOVED it til you found out!! lol!

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