And I'm still so young...

I'm a fifteen year old girl and I'm a s** addict, my friends already know. But what I have to confess is I have had s** with over 70 people. About 20-30 of them have been added to the list in the past year. I constantly think about s** and put myself in dangerous situations just so I can get at least one f***. I've f***** people almost literally twice my age just because it's the person willing to give me some. I've even considered becoming a prostitute for fun. And the worst part of it is it's having physical effects. I'm covered in scars because of the kind of s** I like, on my arms, legs, neck, and back. It's gotten so bad that I have a difficult time controlling myself anymore, and have withdrawals when I go more than a few days without getting laid. I've even gotten myself raped by someone who passed to me an STD because of the situations I put myself in, and I still do it.

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  • You should get therapy. Your just hurting yourself and you know it. The people here are all trolls just egging you on.

  • i like girls that like being raped.

  • get a boyfriend you know is clean and keep it to one partner!

  • Make sure it is safe s**, and maybe take a step back and get a handle on your emotions before you continue this on this road.

  • This is wrong. Why would you say this kind of thing?

  • Because you know it's true. Acknowledge it and be better with yourself.

  • You know how messed up this is, right? I'm guessing you are a victim of sexual abuse as a young girl. You need professional help to come to grips with that. Good luck.

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