In love with a friend

Ive been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years now and were bth 18. were in love with each other and i know older people say we dont know what love is but we are in love. however for the past 5 years ive been in love with my best guy friend. hes been there for me through it all whether its parent probs or my BF. but what the bigger problem is is this. about a month ago i told my boyfriend that i was bringin my best friend to a concert and yes we'd be stayin the night. now my BF hates him and my best friend hates me BF. i tolf my best friend that i still had feelings for him and fortunatly he reciprocated but he said we obvioulsy cudnt do nything about it. so a week ago we went to the concert and thing were fine and i was resisting temptation. however a tickling war turned into him being on top of me and the awkward moment when he kissed me. but i didnt stop him. after about 5 seconds i stopped he had so much remorse and couldnt stop apologising. but we forgot about it and went to the concert. we came back and got into our beds( single beds but were so close together cudve been a double). so we eventually began to talk and i told him that i liked it. so i leaned in to kiss him....and that continued for about3 hours but nothin further. and what makes it worse is that me, my best friend and BF met up the next day in town. my best friend decided that he'd give me sumtime alone but hes still off textin other girls. he also wants his first time to be with me. my BF is now at a music festival and i told him to go wild so now were on a break and i told him to meet up wtih his ex - GF, so he cud get any feeling for her out of the way. my BF almost got together with her but he still doesnt know about what i did. i feel guilty but i cant kee goin on like this. do i stay with my BF or try with my best friend. because even tho im fine with my BF gettin with other ppl (i know wierd but i just do ) i feel stronger towards my best friend and i cant stop thinkin about what happened.....

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  • dont go with your best friend it only ends in heart break its happened to me and trust me saty with your BF

  • There is a rule against dating your best friend.unless you want a heartbreak coupled with a bestfriend loss...Unless you are really sure try it.

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