You Dress Like It

You told me that our friend "B" said you dress like a s*** because you wear bikinis, short-shorts, tube tops and so forth.

I, being a nice friend, told you that it wasn't true, that she was just jealous because you actually have the body to pull that stuff off and she can't come close to your figure. Our other friends agreed with me.

I lied. I agree with B. You dress like a s***. I don't get how you can wear a bikini, let alone a ridiculously revealing one, like the one I've seen you in. Isn't that exactly like walking around in your skimpiest underwear? Why do you wonder why guys come on to you so relentlessly? Why do you wear super-revealing clothes when it's a beautiful 83 degrees Fahrenheit, in a place where all your doing is hanging out with girlfriends? Don't give me bullshit about it being hot - you've lived here all of your life, and are more than used to the 95-and-over degree weather here. Are you sure that it was B who told you that you look like a s***? Are you sure that it wasn't your conscience? Are you sure you didn't just say it to gain some self-assurance, because you knew that we were all too nice to tell you the truth?

I'm not as nice as you think I am. I'll never tell this to your face, but right now, you're kind of acting like a b****. A stupid b**** who only knows how to shout about how ugly other people's fashion choices are. Look in the g****** mirror and think about what you're wearing outside for once.

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  • Why do you give a crap what she wears? If her behavior is out of line, clue her in, but while you're at it take a look in the mirror.

  • Do you wear pants & long sleeves when its in the 80's & 90's? A persons clothes do not make them a "s***". You are obviously jealous as h*** of your "friend" because you arent getting any attention. Stop being a f****** two face & tell your friend what you really thin k. Thank god im not a lying little b**** like you, if you hate her so much why the f*** do pretend to be her friend?

  • Leave her alone. She is doing a service to mankind.

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