Mistake? Yeah.

She would've gone out with me again if I'd asked. I'm sure of it. But I got too caught up in studying for finals and preparing applications, and now I'm p***** off at myself because I know that I'll never have a chance with her again.

Missed opportunities really f****** suck.

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  • Man, some of the biggest love stories came about because someone went back and corrected a mistake, not because they never made any!

    My parents arranged to go on a date a few days after they met. My Mom thought they agreed on Thursday, and my Dad thought it was on Friday. When my Mom got there on Thursday and my Dad didn't turn up, she persevered and went back to the meeting place the next night. My Dad was there waiting for her, apologised a LOT since the date actually was supposed to be Thursday night, they carried on dating, and now they've been together like 30 years!

    All it takes is a little faith and perseverance, man. If you want that girl, then you find out her email or phone number any way you can, and you go get her! Wishin ya luck...

  • Why don't you tell her exactly what you just told us?

    Guys never believe us on this, but a great girl who's worth your time will appreciate honesty. I'm a girl like that.

    Try it. It's got to be better than telling your troubles to us, because she's the one who could actually help you solve it, isn't she?

    Sorry if it's practically impossible for you to contact her any more, in which case my answer will be irrelevant ... but if you have her details or you could find them out somehow, why don't you try and see what happens? If you're just telling yourself you have no chance without trying again for real, you're really cheating yourself out of another opportunity, aren't you?

    Take a chance. You only live once, and you're dead forever after that, so make the most of it. Best of luck and I hope it works out for you!

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