I'm 14 (turning 15) and I'm still a "thumbsucker". Well, I dont suck my thumb, but my ring-finger and middle finger on my left hand. I've been doing it ever since I was a baby. There was a time I stopped in 6th grade but then I started to do it again because I wanted to see how it was like again. I'm in 9th grade and I cant just stop. I hate myself for it.

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  • It's just a nervous habit. I used to twist the back of my hair with my finger or a pen, until it was in knots, then rip it out. Was pulling out my own hair. The very hot, blonde woman who cut it all the time (and made me hard underneath the hair-catching cover) noticed one day and commented, nicely.."It's thinner back here, behind your ears..Almost looks like you're pulling your hair out".

    She nailed it, and, that's when I stopped. You'll stop when you're ready. Maybe one day, just forget and not even notice.

  • go to the chemist - they can recommend some good stuff for this

  • I was biting my nails until I bought a ring and started swinging it on my fingers

  • I do the same thing dont feel bad, at least you arent doin anything weird. Its a sense of calming.

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