Older men

I want to have s** with an older man. I'm 32 so I'm talking about 50-70 I want to f*** him hard.

Jul 15, 2011

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  • I'll s*** you, baby. I'll s*** you rotten.

  • If any of you are serious and in the uk I am a 62 year old very very fit guy, gym body, athketicly muscular and look much younger than my years, can send up to date photos if you want, smooth and cut 7"+ c ock that gives hours of pleasure, expert tongue too 😚

  • Ja ich bin 43 Jahre alt undsuche eine alten man ab 65bis 80 Jahre der mich noch erziehen und übers Knie legen kann ich heiße paul

  • I have had s** with a 62 year old guy and a number of 50 - 55 year olds - am 30..some of the best s** of my life..the 62 yr old guy was wayyy too classic for my taste but he gave the best oral..but the other guys..wooww..nice c**** and they knew how to use them..and f*** they enjoyed my bj skills too ;) Go for it

  • Hi hi I'm an older gentleman would like to have s** with you

  • Ja wenn du mich noch übers Knie legen kannst

  • Im 15m snapchat chiefleaf300 im straight

  • I am 28 years old and I have a thing for older men between 45 and 60. I get extremely h**** and hot for an old man.

  • Are you male or female. I prefer female only.....I'm 60, good looking, and my d*** is pretty...perfect and clean..been without s** for 20 yrs. now....I'm ready to be sucked hard

  • I have always had a thing for older men. When I was younger (20s) I got f***** by an older man that was amazing and BIG. Got on with my life, but never could forget that experience.


  • Hi cn u c** f*** me

  • I'm 14
    F*** me?

  • I'd love to f*** you were do you live.

  • I'll f*** you

  • I'm 18 brunette,petite, and would love to f*** you ;)

  • Email me badgirlkatie48@gmail.com i'm 17 and would love to f*** anyone over 45

  • Here F 26 plz take me :D

  • Come...

  • Come to play a game

  • Call me

  • Send me your email! Let's chat! ;)

  • Hi I want to experience an older man

  • Tell me more about u, im 52 if ur interested, keanesean15 @yahoo.co.uk

  • I'm interested....Aceilap44.ap@gmail.com

  • Im 52

  • Can we f*** im 18

  • Let get it. done if you are over 25

  • I want a older men to consider as my man i just desire marrying one and having a family with him if you wanna know more

    CALL ME 07971905894

  • I want to f*** you....email me....Aceilap44.ap@gmail.com

  • Email me...I want to duck an older man....


  • Where are You when i need you..,*laugh*

  • Good girl. I did in my late teens and 20s. i was married. i am such a w****! :) but i loved doing this 50 yr old men. I do one now and he is now older as am i. I love experienced men. i want to suck off an older man now if you want? 70s? i want to look at your eyes as you grab my head to suck you off....

  • I wonder how much of the attention i get from 19 through 30 yo women because of a "Daddy" thing. i know I love that roleplay. Im 57 and in good shape and enjoy the attention of pretty young things. More than anything else though I love making them c** and hearing "My God, that was the best Ive ever had!"

  • Email me i'm 17 badgirlkatie48@gmail.com

  • Want to role play with a 18 year old virgin?

  • I'm 14 and a Virgin
    But I do m********* a lot
    Please f*** me hard

  • Yes I want to role play

  • I'm in my twenties and have been chatting up with a 57 year old man who has been an absolute charmer.. I have a feeling he has sexual thoughts of me too. Should I wait for him to make a move? I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty but still a virgin, and somehow the idea of letting him take me excites me very much.. though I'm quite apprehensive.

  • I bartend at a "neighborhood restaurant" a regular, older gentleman, had been chatting me up for months...sometimes the chat got a little raunchy...only late when families werent around...he offered to go "south" on me...I thought why not...so I let him take me home...it was incredible...

  • LOL, you sound like a special friend I have at a restaurant/bar where Im a regular. She is 24, Im 57. There is a special connection there. For me it gets sexual in nature, Im not sure about her but I will say that she opens up a good deal to me and I get the best "titty hugs" ever. God I love Lexi!

  • send me a note at strat2k10 to my gmail account.

  • i am married to a guy who cannot f*** me as he has diabetes andim 40 years and need a man who can f*** me up and will aslo fuckhim.its been 2 years now and I wet myself when im h****.

  • Send me ur contact details .so we can meet and f*** the s*** out of you dol

  • I am free to play!

  • I got f***** good by an old man when I was 18. I was living with my boyfriend who I think was just with me because of my big t***. He always talked about them. He walked out on me leaving me to pay the rent. My 68 year old landlord heard me crying and asked what was wrong. I told him and he put his arms around me to comfort me. He wasn't a perv. He was just being nice. I made the move. His arms around me made me super h****. I grabbed his c*** and before long I got his pants down and blew him. I f***** and sucked him twice a week after that and didn't have to pay a penny on the final six months of my lease. S** with benefits.

  • Mmmm! Love to hear more xxxx

  • There's an old man at the beach I go to. I think he is in his late sixties and he's handsome evne . He is always alone and has a c*** so big it puts the young guys to shame. He doesn't advertise it. It is just so big no bathing suit could hide it. I'm only 29 but I'd love to go down on his big c*** and then feel it all the way up my p****. It is sooo big!

  • I'd be afraid of f****** one so hard I'd give him a heart attack. Seriously. Even young guys say I practically kill them because I f*** them so hard. And I'm just an itty bitty thing. 5'1" with a trim petite figure.

  • Sorry, you are not going to give me a heart attack. I am sure some of the younger guys are shocked, but I've been around the block and most of my lovers were in your size range. One thing I know, is you don't break and little packages have big surprises.

  • you and me both sister! except im 17 and i can look at a 40 year old and think about how bad id love to f*** his brains out. idk why. i could careless for anyguy even close to my age except for my bf and he is 21. its not bc there c**** are bigger its just idk i know i can knock there socks off for a night.

  • It might just be you who has her socks knocked off ;) when are you 18? Lol

  • I would like to spank an older guy. I have this thing about spanking maybe cause my father spanked me and sometimes I felt a little h**** afterwards that would have made my father mad cause he was very religious. It was my dirty little secret. Now the thought of having an older man lay across my lap and let me spank him excites me. Actually, it makes me wet cause I get so h****. I have masturbated thinking about this and would love to do it. I can not say I would f*** the older guy after he let me spank him but I might cause I would be so h****. No promises.

  • I'm 21 and would love to strap a fake p**** to my body and do an older man in his buttocks. I heard some older men appreciate that kind of play. If a kindly older men would avail me of his ass, I might even return the favor with deep throat b*******. P.S. I swallow.

  • MMMMMMMMMMM C** to Daddy

  • Where are you daddy? I'm looking for you to trach me about the birds and the bees.

  • I mean teach. Will you teach me please?

  • I will teach you

  • Do you need my phone number? 51 year old male here

  • Do you have Facebook
    Or anything
    Cause I'm a very h**** 14 year old

  • What would you like to do?

  • Yes. You need some fresh young p**** to spice up your seasoned d***. Speaking of seasoning, could I put some ice cream on your p**** and lick it off to, so to speak, break the ice?

  • Hi im 52 lets have fun

  • Email me badgirlkatie@gmail.com

  • My c*** grew bigger reading your confession, so I guess you're right.

  • very bad guys...

  • No Silly. Because mens' c**** grow bigger as they get older so I want some of that. A girl has her needs.

  • Because you have a thing for older men or because you know they f*** better?

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