I want to...

I want to ** my boyfriend....all the ** time and just ** his brains out. I love him so much we r still virgins but I wish I wasn't we r trying to wait cuz everyone we know has broke up after it...but god I want it so bad from him .....I just really wish he would loose weight for me...its like he doesn't even care ....

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  • I am "Gay"...I feel the same way as you do".

  • U 2 need fuckkkk

  • It is spelled lose not loose. Such a shame you can not spell an easy word.

  • Yeah, those huge expectations will come in handy once you finally do the deed. I predict = fail.

  • He'll ** in 30 seconds and you'll be like WTF??? Then you'll start ** other guys that know what they're doing and have the time of your life.

  • You'll both know when the time is right to take that step. I'm not sure I've heard of anyone I know personally breaking up right after having **. How old are you two?

    Also, in regards to him losing weight, sometimes it's not that simple. You should love him regardless, if you say you love him that much. The only reason I'd be concerned with a boyfriend losing weight, if it's for his health. I agree with the above poster, you should suggest going for walks together or something. Or maybe offer to make him dinner, and make it healthy.

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