I can't stop spying on my sister in law... My girlfriend had gone to work in the evening and her sister and I were alone in the house. I had to leave for work in a couple hours and she was getting ready to go out... I headed for the bathroom which she left unlocked and walked in on her changing! I saw everything in a glance. All she had on was her thong. I froze. The next day became a new routine.. My girlfriend went to work and her sister was getting ready to go out again..
I had to see her again.. I snuck into her room and cracked open the blinds so I could peak through on the stairs outside... It was amazing.. until I slipped on the edge of a step. she heard and looked out the window.. Her eyes caught mine.. She looked at me and walked away. I started to get up and took one last peak though the window before I hauled my ass out of there.. but she kept changing... She caught me red handed and didn't close the blinds or freak out or cover up... she continued to decide what she was gonna wear... standing there naked.. as if she didn't see me or care I was watching... I hope it stays that way.. I want to touch her and f*** her brains out.. but I can't betray my girlfriend more than I already have.. So I decided to keep doing the same routine.. Hopefully I can snap some good pics of her..



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  • My 83yo mother in-law Dottie lives with us and I always sneak peeks at her. Yeah her t i t s sag but she has really dark and good sized n i p p l e s to think about when I'm stroking it. I've put c u m (come) on the crotch of her panties and in her bra cups, on the brim of her inhalers, on her toothbrush and filled her retainer (I get so excited when I see her slide her retainer in her mouth) on many occasions. I've sucked my c u m (come) up with a syringe and filled her vagisil tube, just imagine her squirting that on her hand and working into her c u n t, l**** lips, v*****, instead of moisturizing, it probably dried and stuck them together. I put her panties and bras on her pillow then hump them between her sheets, I've left a few stains next to her drool marks. I love it, what shall I do with this load I'm working on????

    Pleas send me your suggestions

  • Why don't you c u m in the mayonnaise jar, or in the milk jug, in her coffee cup, it will dry and come back to juices when she makes her tea or coffee

  • WTF? You're saying a presumably hot woman paraded herself naked in front of you, t*** and ass in full view, and on countless occasions, and even walked in while you were f******, and showered with you several times, and you never ... never got affected by that? Right.

  • First, I wouldn't classify her as "hot." She wasn't ugly or anything, I just had no attraction for her. And I don't think she had any attraction for me. It really is possible for two people of opposite gender to be naked around each other and there be no sexual tension. Go visit a nudist resort and see for yourself. And I was madly in love with my wife. She was all I needed. So sue me.:-) BTW, I'm now glad nothing ever happened between us because she was later diagnosed as bi-polar and she's now bat-s*** crazy and we're no longer in contact with her. I consider that a bullet dodged.

  • My wife's sister lived with us for a while just after we got married. Her sister would sometimes walk into our bedroom while we were having s**, the three of us rarely wore clothes around the apartment, and I've showered with her sister many times, usually because we were heading out somewhere and didn't have time for 3 separate showers. That said, we never, ever did anything sexual and the thought never crossed my mind. Even though our bodies touched several times while showering together, there was nothing sexual about it. Everyone was cool with everything because we were upfront with each other and there was no sexual tension between me and her sister. Besides, if I wanted to f*** her sister, I would have dated her instead of my wife.

  • I think..... since you are getting h**** like that for her sister you should end the relationship with your gf. You dont want to hurt her.. Your h**** and you cant control that.

  • First if all, you pervert, she is NOT your sister in law!
    Second you can't betray your girlfriend anymore, BUT you are planning to continue doing the same thing!You are one sick dude! Hope your girl kicks you out on your nasty cheating ass!

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