Learned my lesson

I was in the seventh grade and really had this crush on this eighth grade girl. I followed her around like a dog in heat and even after several rejections from her I just didn't get the hint to stop. One afternon after school I went to watch her play softball and after the game I guess she deceided to get me off her back for good. She came over to me and was talking real nice when of a sudden one of the bigger girls came up behind me and grabbed me in a hold I think is called a full nelson. I was sitting on the side of a small hill with my arms pinned behind me in this helpless position when the entire team came over to watch. The girl that I liked told me I was going to be shown a lesson that when you are told to get lost she ment it. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants and the girl with the full nelson hold lifted me just enough to slid them down to my ankles. There I sat pleading with her to let me go and I would never bother her again. She reach over and ran her finger nails over the outline of my p**** and as hard as I tried not to get a "woody" it was not working. She looked up at me and asked if I understood her message. I shook my head because my mouth was too dry to speak and finally managed to assure her that I would never bother again. As she turn to walk away one of the other girls yelled "Hey I want to see it" to which there was a big cheer. The full nelson girl dragged me to my feet and tighten her grip. Four other girls came over to me and put their fingers in the waistband of my underwear and announced that on the count of three down they would come. The group wasted no time in their count and the next thing I knew Miss full nelson was jerking me up and down and everyone was watching my "woody" bounce all over the place. I was told that if I told any of the teachers of their punishment of me I would be tied naked to the pole in front of the school and the fire alarm would be pulled. Not only didn't I tell any of the teachers, I didn't tell anyone for over twenty years.

Jul 29, 2011

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  • girls can be cruel....but you were told to f*** off and you didnt.... you had it comin

  • Oh, I know I did and at the time it was the most embarassing thing that ever happened to me. Looking back on it now it was kind of exciting, but if I had to do it all over again I would have "f***** off" as I was told. Never mess with a p***** off woman, no matter what age.

  • Speaking from the woman's point of view anyone who says "size doesn't matter" never had anyone with a really big c***. It helps if he knows how to use it, but as long as we can keep it hard I'm sure I can find pleasure.

  • When the chicks pulled ur pants down they were probably expecting to see a little tic tac, instead they were like 'Holy S***' remind me to hook up with you in the future, damn boy!

    Probably felt guilty after and couldn't face a man so well hung and totally out of their league.

    Im not saying 'size matters.'

  • Whoa...I feel sorry for you..those b******...I hope she Will never get a boyfriend!

  • That's funny ur not a very good story teller, only part of that was true, some of the part u liked and some never happened :)

  • That's funny because I can still picture the back of the school and the side of the hill over looking the softball field where this happened. I can still remember the girls faces and me pulling up my pants as soon as I was let go. Which parts "never happened"?

  • Thats so sad! Im so sorry you had to go through that when you were younger. I really hope it hasn't affected your relationships with girls today. That would be awful for it to carry through. At least you seem to have grown up to become a strong individual for admitting this...even if it was anonymous. Good luck in all that you do!

  • dude what are you 12 leave the sophmore girls alone.

  • I am sorry for you being bullied. I was a victim too when I was a kid but hey I told someone and took control instead they told me to leave them alone.

  • I'm angry that that happened to you.What those kids did to you was illegal. They should be punished. It wasn't you fault. You were victimized and I'm sorry

  • Thank you for your concern. It is funny, but several of the girls talked to me the next day and told me they were "sorry" that it happened and some even added that they "didn't look". I got over it I think because it was just a one time thing.

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