I'm scared..

Today I was simply browsing by some of my friends' formsprings (although I never write on formsprings). I decided to click on my guy friends formspring. When I got onto it I was shocked and I couldn't believe what I saw.. a girl had asked him "Did you hook up with that ________ girl?" (that girl is me..) and he responded "_________, who?" then she asked him another question that said "__________ (my last name, but she clearly mispelled it) or something like that" he answered, "yeah, why?" I'm mortified.. I'm a conservative 14 year old girl and I've never done anything sexual with any guy before in my life. However, with this boy in 7th grade I had major feelings for and we were best friends. We made out one day and in eighth grade this was forgotten, no one ever brought it up. Now, because this girl posted this on Formspring and it's very clear for everyone to see, people will have their memory re-freshed. I regret the makeout because I'm not one that makes a random choice but it was in the moment. Now I'm entering High School and this just got brought up.. I'm so scared that this will get out in my High School and people will judge me. Please help me, I have no one I can fully trust with this. I really need advice.

Aug 6, 2010

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  • Alright calm down, it was just a kiss in grade 7 no reason to get your panties in a knot, no matter how conservative you are. I gave 2 guys blow jobs in grade 8, and it was only brought up once in grade 9. So calm down, no body cares who you snog, in a sense most people will think your more...well not cool, but your not a complete...well you get the idea.

    I'm not trying to sound harsh, but your freaking out over nothing.

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