I talked to a couple people and figured out what's really happening. She can't stand the fact that I have my life in place. I have more friends and people around me to be there for me. I have people who make me laugh and smile, who can take me out when I'm feeling down. I'm not losing sleep over this anymore. I love my life, I'm happy to be living and I'm okay that what happened happened. Things like that are obviously never meant to be. Some things do fall apart so better things fall into place. I think I was upset because I never understood why. Now I understand I don't need to. It maybe wasn't a game, but a mental illness she possess. I brought in the messages from her to a therapist and he agrees. The maturity is lacking, she projects her problems onto other people and can't take responsibility for her own actions. She blames me for the relationship we had when it's clearly stated it was unhealthy to begin with. He was right, I am happier now. I feel safe, secure and independent. I'm finding love in strange places and promises in others. It makes sense she picks out the things she's most jealous of and tries to tear me down. Unfortanly, she's the lair, the hypocrite thats headed for disaster. If it so bothers her? Why come back, I'm the one who found this site in the first place. Why not f*** off, and stop doing everything i do. It makes no sense. I too went back and realized I only posted 4, including this one venting my situation. However she had several, and because I know math I can count them. This will be the last as I've said my peace and won't be returning one this is finished. I have better outlets than this, cleaner healthier relationships. Everyone was right. I never belonged with someone of her kind. I never should have second chanced her. Never should have let her in. It's too late now though, what's done is done and now I can move on. The person I loved blindly, without truly ever knowing turned wild and rotted into a monster who devoured her soul. The inner demons took her away from me, I wasn't strong enough to help her. We all have our own, and mine won't ever win. I buried her and now she's considered dead. One thing was right and this is the one thing that helped me push in with my life this is the only reason I'm ending all ties. Because every word spoken was the truth to it's highest value. And it struck me senseless. "you can save her."
I know. I'm sorry.

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