The lie in me

Hi, i have been with my boyfriend now for 4 years..i love him to bits and hes the best that ever happend to me.i have tried over the years to be the woman he wants and deserves but my secretes are killing me inside.a few times in our relationship i would find myself going out like mad do stupid things when i am drunk and flirting with other men,playing games like truth or dare and we will go all the way,a worse one was at some point i found myself in bed with another guy on the morning of his birthday and i lied telling him i was exhausted form chores at home,we did kiss and when he was to penetrate me i stopped,i was drunk..some cases he'd find out that when i go out there are men around and thats because my friends are single,before you judge you should know that my friends dnt force me to do anything or put pressure on me instead they caution me on what i am doing. i dnt want to loose my man and i have since changed from the life i used tio live because i can see he realy loves me and wants the best for me.
a part of me wants to tell him but i know i will loose him forever ,he will never forgive me another part tells me to live it be and forgive myself for what i did and love him strongly and try to be the person he deserves.

please advice

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  • slu t b****

  • You're the kind of girl most guys crave. You're easy to get into the sack. Also, your spelling and grammar is atrocious. Those run-on, incoherent sentences show you've spent far more time trimming your c*** hairs than getting educated. But that works for most guys, too.

  • Ouch.

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