I have no idea who i am .

I have many friends , many admirers . . but no one who who i am . i pose a different personalities just so everyone is satisfied with me . and ive done this so much , that i dont even know who the real me is . im lost in my many personalities . ive touch with the grip true me . they say be yourself , and the people that really matter will accept you . but i dont even know who the real me is .

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  • everyone wears a mask of lies, it sheilds our face and covers our eyes. and again and again we run and hide, forgetting what is really inside.

    i think everyone has multiple sides to themselves, it's completely normal. if you were you all the time in front of everyone, it may displease some people, so we make these masks and hide behind them until the cost is clear to let what we believe is our 'true self' free.

    we must coexsist with our masks. although some will break and others will be created. a quest for pursuing the true self... but what part is true?

  • Whoa. You sound EXACTLY like I used to be. Honestly, my past self could have written this.
    I would completely change personalities depending on who I was with, and what I thought they wanted to see.
    The thing is, I was so insecure about myself and so afraid of rejection, that I felt too vulnerable to put my real self out there. Instead, I just gave the people what I thought they wanted.
    But really, this is not the way to live your life. I got lost in it, too. After a while, I had no idea who I really was.
    Find friends who will accept you for who you are. Maybe you don't know who that is right now, and that's okay. But you need people around you who will truly support you while you figure it out. Good friends, real ones. They're not always the ones that pop out at you--they might be somewhere in the background. Nerds, drama geeks, shy people. The quiet ones are often the truest friends, I've found.
    You will eventually figure yourself out. You just need to give yourself some time to mature, think, and grow. When you're with a friend, try saying something that you TRULY feel or want to say. Don't try to please them. Just say ONE thing--it doesn't even have to be a big thing--that is really how you feel or what you think at that moment. Not what you think THEY want you to feel or think.
    If you're really having trouble with this, you can try some therapy. A good therapist can be somewhat of a miracle worker if you're open with them.
    But I'm guessing that you're a teenager, probably high school age--freshman or sophomore, maybe. I think you will figure yourself out. I wouldn't stress so much about it.
    Good luck.

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