I had an intense sexual dream about my wife's best friend

For some backstory, see my previous confession here: http://www.confessionpost.com/14316/saw-my-wifes-best-friend-halfnaked .

Last night I had a very real feeling dream. I woke up h**** as h*** & can't get it out of my mind, so I need to tell someone about it.

My wife & I were staying in a hotel somewhere, & her best friend was also staying in the room with us. It was a pretty small room with only one bed, but the bed was big enough for all 3 of us so my wife slept in the middle with me on one side & her friend on the other. (This is perfectly normal for us as we have actually all 3 slept in the same bed before in real life, but in a non-sexual way.) We stayed several nights in this room, & sometimes when my wife's friend was gone doing something else my wife & I would f***. (A side note was that our room was right next to the front desk & the staff there knew my name simply from hearing my wife scream it during s**. The young girl at the desk was flirting with me a lot, I think it turned her on to listen in.)

On the last night I was feeling particularly h**** & started f****** my wife before bed (her friend was out of the room at the time). When we finished her friend got back into the room & totally knew that we had just been f******, but she was cool with it. We're all very touchy-feely with each other in our friendship as it is, so it wasn't a big deal. I was getting ready to fall asleep & got into bed, and her friend got into the other side of the bed across from me also, when my wife, still standing beside the bed, playfully suggested that we all sleep naked. (This instantly excited me - I mean, I'm always up for sleeping naked with my wife, but how often does a guy get to sleep naked in the same bed with his wife's best friend, much less even see her completely naked at all? The fact that my wife suggested this was the most surprising yet exciting part. I knew my wife wouldn't be ok with me having s** with her friend, so I didn't feel any pressure being in this situation. I think that mutual understanding helped all 3 of us feel at ease with our nudity in each other's presence.) So, once my wife playfully called out "Let's get naked!", I looked over at her friend lying next to me in the bed. She excitedly began taking off her jeans, saying something to the effect of "This'll be fun - sleeping naked!" As she continued to remove all of her clothing & underwear, I began to do the same. Soon, we were both naked on the bed next to each other. My d*** was rock hard, I couldn't help it, and she definitely noticed it. By this point my wife, still standing beside the bed, had also gotten naked. Before I knew it, she jumped on top of me & started f****** me right there in the bed next to her best friend! Noticing her friend's arousal at being naked right next to us, she told her friend that she should start masturbating while we f*****. So she started rubbing her c*** furiously, obviously very aroused by my wife & I f****** right next to her. I looked up at my wife, sliding up & down my d***, & over at her best friend, furiously writhing while rubbing her p**** & c***, the animal desire very evident in her face as she looked at us.

Soon my wife slid off my d***, straddled my stomach & began passionately kissing me, my d*** sitting erect just behind her back. Then, my wife told her friend something like "I think you should suck his d*** now." My wife looked at me & asked, "Do you think that's alright?" I paused just a second, playing it cool, not wanting my wife to realize just how badly I had been waiting for something just like this to happen. I calmly answered back, "Yeah, I can tell she really wants to, it'll be nice for both of us." Inside however, I was now burning with passion & sexual desire for my wife's friend just as much as for my wife. After hearing our discussion, my wife's friend leaned over & began sucking my d*** intensely while my wife was still straddling me & kissing me all over. I was in heaven. Then, of course, I woke up.

I went into the bathroom & jacked off (I woke up rock hard of course), but I couldn't help thinking...what if, by some small chance, my wife would have suggested next that her friend straddle my d*** too & put it into her p****? I've already seen her friend naked from the waist down before, & I've seen her t*** another time, so I obviously have this sexual desire that's been building up for her. What if, what if......

Aug 2, 2011

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  • I too want to f*** my wife’s bff. She’s a little older but way hot. We all Party and go out to clubs together and her friend likes to wear mini skirts. Many times her friend subtly brushes up against me when my wife’s not looking and makes my d*** hard. To be honest I do really want to f*** her hard and I know she wants to f*** me too but we never say or talk about it. I m********* several times a week fantasizing me f****** my wife’s bff in different positions. I do love my wife, but her friend is so darn sexy and when she dresses in short skirts makes my d*** hard. I admit my wife has gained a little bit of weight in recent years while her friend remained tall and sexy and think about f****** her several times a week. I have to j*** it off to get it out of my system, but only lasts a little while before she’s in my mind again. - James

  • I do it all the time

  • I dreamed about my wife's friend a couple times, in fact I think about her when we make out. I love my wife, but in bed I'd rather have her friend. I want to suggest a threesome to my wife, but im reluctant, especially because her friend is really good in bed it seems. Plus, I'm afraid if we do that I only wanna f*** her friend

  • U hav these dreams bcause u not getting enough pusy

  • I have a hotel rendevous with the wife and her best friend. We have flirted in the past. Funny. 1 bedroom. King and queen sleeper in living room. Wish me luck.

  • Pretty hot. I am trying to MFM or MFF with the wife. The only way to be sure is bring it up. The girls are either with it or not. Go for it

  • i am already asked my wife many time ,that if i can f*** her friend she is married but very beautiful,i told my wife if she can help me i can do any thing for my wife,and for her,i just call her many times but she dnt know who i am,i just wanna give her tips that i am the one who calls her sometime about love,that she might realise that may be i am the person who is calling ,then if she can give postive response then i can f*** her,,

  • I have much the same thoughts dude,
    My wife has even admitted see doesn't mind our playful flirting but it's getting out of hand, and I don't know what to do either....

  • You haven't hit that yet?

  • I obviously want to. Hence the dream. She lives in another city though.

  • T****** in other cities.. Sounds good, but could mess up a relationship in the process and destroy the home...

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