GYPSY FEVER!!!!!!!!!!

I have an obsession with anything gypsy!! what i wouldnt give to date one or be one or even meet 1. =( but unfortunatly in america there isnt very many of them to meet. and even if there was one for me to meet there life is very secretive. so they wouldnt wanna tell me that they were one. i my favorite gypsy is a romany gypsy i know ALL about them and there harritige. but i really just love what gypsys stand for. and how proud they are. i mean sometimes if i think about how bad i just want a gypsy to open up to me and tell me about what its like from there point of view i can start crying. do u know what its like to want somthing soooooooo bad that you cry????? well if not let me just say it makes u feel like an emotional freak =(
gypsy fever!!!

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  • I hate f****** gypsies...they s*** in the middle of the street, steal people and beg. Go kill yourself please! If you come to Europe you'll see the crap they are. Idiot!

  • There is a small group Gypsies in America around the east coast. They are all con artist. Thats what they do for a living. True.

  • i f***** a gypsy....

  • Trust me i wanted to be a gypsy once but they will hate you if you wernt one frombirth. Youll get over it.

  • You're lucky there aren't many in the USA then, in England, gyppos are just scum who have caravans and like to set up a park or playground and increase the local crime rate tenfold overnight, then when the Police finally tell them to f*** off, empty all their bins and used needles all over a park designed for picnics and kids having fun...
    F*** gyppos

  • Gypsies have a reputation around the world for being thieves and liars. Which are you?

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