I nearly killed myself today

I just thought if i write this down it might make me see sense about how stupid was i earlier....basically had a really bad day and alot of things have been getting in top of me so much so i was very close to ending it all by taking a load of tablets....just thought life is hard to live and didnt have the energy anymore to fight...i still think that and need to make alot of changes in my life but i often wonder what life would like would be without me in it would people be happier and more importantly i wouldnt be in this pain anymore cuz to be me its very painful
i give this strong exterior but im tired of that facade and just want it to end only that i know it would hurt certain people thats what stopped me today
when im at traffic lights i wonder what it would be like to go straight through them but then that would involve another car and it wouldnt be fair
i still might go through with my thoughts today but as far as i feel at the moment it wont happen but i do hope i dont wake up in the morning end it naturally but its just my luck i wont and will still be alive
i really think i need help cuz this isnt normal to feel this way but i dont want to admit to people that i do and i know alot of people will be shocked
thanks for listening

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  • You should watch the sci-fi movie called Sunshine. It's really cool.

  • Emotions are Hormonal reactions so please visit a Psychiatrist ,you are probably suffering from depression...remember life is a gift after all when you die all that awaits you is eternal oblivion....worst case scenario relocate to somewhere where you think you can find happiness (moving to the forest is better than dying)

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