If She Would Only See The Rainbow

I'm a lesbian, that's not a secret at all. But this passed year I met the girl on my dreams, we'd be amazing together the problem is she's very very straight. I'm my prosuit to see if I could sway her we became best friends. We work together, take classes together and practically live together. Not a day goes by that we're not yapping off each other's ears. But I don't know how much more I can take before I bust.

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  • Take chances get messy make mistakes!! Everything I need to know I learned from magic school bus. Go for it. Tell her. Eventhough there's a possibility she'll be all like "I'm sorry. I'm not like that." Either that or go find yourself another ladyfriend.

  • Don't let time pass by. Time is the window of opportunity for everything in life. If you loose your time (as a friend), you'll slowly lose everything else because you didn't take a chance.

  • Tell her. At least let her know how you've been feeling. It's worse for you to live with this pain then for her to reject you.

    You only live once, go all out with everything you do.

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