I Can't Help It

I am a 22 year old woman, and I admit here that I have an exhibitionist streak. There. I said it.
Sometimes, I intentionally leave my shades open when I'm undressing so that someone might see me; sometimes, I'll run naked down the hall from the bathroom to my bedroom after a shower, hoping someone might see me; sometimes, I'll take a picture of my b**** (face cropped out, of course), and post it to "Rate my Body" websites...

I even leave my underwear sitting around in the open, in the hopes that someone might see it. For example, whenever I go to the laundromat, I make sure that a couple bras and some panties are kept on the TOP of the basket, so that it will be visible to whoever walks past me.

I have even left naked pictures of myself sitting out on my dresser when I know someone might be coming to my house. I want them to SEE them.

And I don't care who.

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  • I to am almost the same way,
    I am 17 and I run around the house naked a lot and last week our neighbor and his two sons caught me in our house and I froze, I mean I couldn't move, all I could do is stand there not knowing to run but where to and finally I said excuse me what are you doing in my house and the oldest boy just starred at me and he began drooling I mean it was very plain to see that he was and his day said we came over cuz your mom asked for us to move the old couch out to the garage cuz you're getting a new on in a hour and I said well do it then and leave. I got snotty with them cuz all they were doing was starring at me and I went to my room and put on a tube top and shorts. When I went out to see if they gad left after doing what mom had asked them to do and right on the coffee table in the living room was 6 photos of me totally nude and I gasp wondering who took them and why put them on our coffee table, what if mom or dad found them before I did, and that was just two days ago and I'm afraid to go out of my room now.

  • My hot older sister is like that. Loves to be exposed, seen, and shown off. Went from doing it with me, in her old apartment, to telling me stop by with my guy friends. Similar to yourself, she'd leave her thong undies or bikini bottoms lying around the apartment, photos, and the bathroom door open when she got out of the shower. One visit, I had four of my friends with me from college, so, she had 5 guys to expose her marvelous body to. I wasn't able to bring that many after that, but, did usually have at least 2 others, so she'd have an audience of 3.

  • You are useless then

  • First of all, it makes me feel like I'm getting away with something (I was raised as a Catholic, and I think I'll just always have this weird guilt/thrill thing going on in my mind with anything even remotely associated with my body and/or sexuality). And, SECONDLY, it makes me feel beautiful, OK? Look: I've been such a nerd my whole life that, sometimes, I just want to show off like all the other women do. But I CAN'T do it in the same WAY they do (dressing "slutty" and going to clubs and bars and flashing their t*** for beads, etc). I just don't feel comfortable acting that way. Instead, I show off by, say, leaving my bra drawer wide open when I know someone is likely to be going into my room. Or, "accidentally" not closing my door all the way when I'm dressing and my brothers happen to have a friend staying over. And it's not really even "sexual" either. I feel just as fulfilled being naked in front of my girlfriends (or even my MOTHER) while trying on clothes as I do when I'm naked in view of the newspaper delivery guy or the mailman because I've "forgotten" to close my curtains at 4 A.M. -Neither of those things "turn me on," per se. I just generally enjoy them. The bottom line is that I JUST LIKE IT when someone sees me exposed. I think I understand why, and I just wanted to confess it to someone. So, no I have. Thanks for listening.

  • Do you want a sexual experience to stem from people seeing you naked or is it just them seeing you is enough?

  • No sexual experience. I just want them to see me naked. And, like I said before, I really don't care who it is. The neighbor lady has seen me...the landscaping guy has seen me....even my PARENTS caught me naked in the hallway a few months ago. I just don't care. And, by the way, I only feel like this a small portion of the time. USUALLY, I'm pretty reserved.

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