I think I'm Insane

I hear voices in my head and I see things. You know how when you have a fever you hallucinate and have weird dreams? That happens to me every day and every night. I live in a nightmare world. The voices tell me to do things and the shadows show me the way. I have gotten so used to this that I have managed to get on quite well in this world. I am 13 years old and no one believes me when I tell them this. My parents are more worried about my brother's weight than they are my sanity. I think I sold my sould to the Devil when I was 5. the voices told me to. Then I died, and I came back. My therapist didn't help. I am lost and terrified. Help me.

Aug 6, 2011

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  • Everything you are experiencing is not real it schizophrenia, it is all imagined. There is no such thing as the devil and your soul is intact. There are some meds that work for some people but it is best just to ignore what you are seeing and hearing because it is only a problem if you let it control you. Learn to block it out. Millions of people have the same issues. It probably stems from some emotional trauma in your life and it is now part of who you are. Don’t be frightened it cannot hurt you unless you let it.

  • No way! im in sort of the same situation. i SWEAR i see shadows and definitely hear things. And then once in awhile ill see people that nobody else sees. Its weird and ive just gotten use to it. Maybe we're both insane :P

  • Just don't be afraid. You aren't crazy at all. Sometimes people fail to understand you. But when you do see stuff, just be calm.

  • reading things like this scares me, when i think about the undead and the devil and the supernatural. but my own problems have resulted to me wishing things like this would occur in my life, as much as it terrifies me. ever since i was younger ive had a problem with supernatural. nothing has happened to me that i know of, but stories i hear..
    then i sometimes think it would b better then how i am now, that there is something real. that i am actually crazy, or supernatural has found its way to me. not being me, not leading this life. i know it sound stupid.

    i dont know, i guess if voices tell you not to listen or the opposite of what you think/or otherts think, then theyre evil and can either be apart of some mental problem or something more sinister, like the devil or supernatural crap. if theyre telling u im wrong, then im probably rite. if theyre telling u im right, then they might be using revere phsycology.

  • I'm 15 and I experience the same things. I'm pretty sure it's paranoid schizophrenia. Sometimes I'll see this girl, and she calls my name and talks to me. She says she's dead but never tells me how or when she died. Sometimes I see a man with a teddy bear head. I also hear voices and they try to talk to me but I ignore them. I don't want to be crazy.

    No therapist can help you. My mom thinks I'm joking and she denies I need help.

    You will have to live with this, it's who you are.

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