WTF, My Girlfriend Takes Oral But Doesn't Give

My girlfriend is only too happy to have me go down on her, but will not reciprocate, says she's not putting her mouth on the thing I p*** out of. WTF? Where's the t** for tat? And, not to brag, but my oral is second to none. And what do I get in return, nada, zero, not a g****** thing. Sometimes I feel like saying f*** you to her and finding a woman who's not afraid of a little oral with the obligatory, real woman swallowing. Women who spit suck! If you are a woman reading this and you spit instead of swallowing, you suck too, Wuss.

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  • Honestly I've never sucked a c*** but I think i'd love to swallow. I eat my c** so why not eat a guy's c**.

  • Dump the b****

  • Hypnotize her, Man. After a few sessions she will be so c*** hungry she will gladly suck your brains out and swallow every last drop of your j***. Study up on it on the net. If she won't let you try that than buy one of those voodoo dolls. Light two candles and place them on both sides of the voodoo doll. Write her name on the chest and find something resembling your c***, maybe a toothpick, no offense. Stick that in the doll's mouth, chant suck my d*** 69 times, and place the doll under your bed and leave it there. Within 3 weeks she will be sucking you off night and day.

  • Here's a free oral s** tip for the ladies. Good oral begins after the guy c***. Keep sucking after he c*** until he has had enough. Believe me he'll love it and won't ever what to lose your oral expertise.

    Judy B.

  • I have the opposite problem. My boyfriend is all about me going down on him, and tells me how great I am at it. When it comes to him doing me it's a no no. WTF I say too. Why can't I get mine when I generously give him his. He has it made. I'm deprived. What a wimp! I think he's afraid my kitty will bit him, lol. But seriously, it's so frustrating, and after I give him his he becomes like a zombie and won't finish me. Often he goes to sleep while I lay awake having to finish myself by hand.

  • Bahaha, I'm a total spitter. But HEY! least I'd return the favor.

  • I'm the same way and he's lucky he gets that. I know some girls won't go down on guys as if it were dirty.

  • If she's not willing to reciprocate, then you should maybe just stop giving it to her. It is, a really petty thing to ruin a relationship over, but maybe just talk about it. If you're willing to do that for her, (and not many guys seem to be willing to do that), then she should want to give back. She should want to give it to you because she should want to make you happy. That's how I see it, at least. And I'm a girl.

    But oral s** should not be the only thing a relationship is based off of. That's just dumb.

  • so why do you still do it? its like paying for your friend's lunch, if you buy their lunch all the time and they never pay you back then they can get f*****. i'd stop eating her out completely, and say "i'm not putting my mouth where you p*** from" she is being totally selfish. if she doesnt want to put her mouth where you p*** from, why should you want to do it for her?

  • better not listen to that last comment because you just might find out who you are second to ;)

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