I hate you. I wish you are not on this earth. You are not special.



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  • F****** moron

  • WhatEVER dude, this site is for REAL confessions, not just a chance to be a d*** just because someone turned you down! Move it along, het ON with your life! NO ONE finds someone who clings to pass rejection attractive- NO ONE!

  • Wow, someone's feelings didn't get recipocated when they tried cat calling a random lady to get her to sleep with them

  • I agree, I hate women too. And I'm a woman. Thank God I have a wonderful husband.

  • True. Women are not special

  • Catch a clue, r3tard,, we're all over you

  • No you're not

  • Did your mother not breast feed you?
    Stop with your mommy issues!

  • You have issues.

  • *sniffle* nuh-uhhh nuh-uhhh me rubber you glue *cries*

    Now say something stupid back. NOW!!

  • Ok i will. You stpiud

  • Not again😞

  • Yes again. And I'm back for more

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