Hey all you guys out there: you think your life's SO hard???

Well, this is what the ladies go through:
We need big b****, we need big butts, we need thin waists, we need gorgeus hair, we need pretty nails, we need big lips, we need to cot our face in makeup, we need to wear heels, we need a good posture, we have periods, we give birth, we need perfect teeth, we're almost ALWAYS on the receiving end, we get harassed, we're more likely to get raped/molested, we have to "make you a sandwich", and I'm sure there alot more than I could pull off the top of my head!!!!

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  • Technically, no one NEEDS to do anything but eat, sleep, breathe, and drink water. :/

  • Sorry for that, but I'd never put my mouth on that p****** tool! Yuck! Turns my stomach thinking about it. I'd eat doggy doo before I suck a man's thingy. Yeck!

  • my life isnt hard, but my b**** is, over your seductive post

  • as men we have to listen to all this complaining about what women have to endure. you dont want to give birth? then dont. you can solve your period problem at the same time by getting a hysterectomy. women who coat their faces in makeup and wear heels everywear probably are more likely to receive unwanted attention. and you almost always are on the receiving end, of child support payments. toughen up, and stop complaining on a confession site.

  • L**** u my friend, are an idiot!

  • Giving good head is pretty important too. How could you leave that out? Selfish b****.

  • oh, i bet you haven't learned this one yet, apparently you have to have the perfect labias too. look it up. women get labiaplasty because men make fun of ladies who have "beef strips" you can be a virgin and if you have them people ridicule you and treat you like s***. it happened to me

  • Big lips? No, just shutup, your trying make excuses. Take charge for a second huh? Be who you are and stop trying to look like someone else, and then blame it on men.

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