BJ in the car

I was on a ferry boat with my friend, rylee her bf Chad n our friend mark. So we were exploring the ferry acting like stupid teens when me n Rylee decided to ditch the guys n go hide in my car. So we were n my car listening to music when I look over n see a girls face in a guys croch. I thought she was just grabbing something so I say "Rylee there getting it on". Then I knowtis that his d*** is out n she is sucking the shot out of it. Rylee starts looking to. I felt so dirty but I couldnt stop watching. So when they finish we go and tell the guys. So about 20 minutes later me n mark go back to the car to get his Arazona. For some reason watching the whole BJ thing made me REALLY h**** n before I knew it I was giving Mark a BJ in the car too. God I'm a sick freak!

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  • My Gay Boyfriend Loves "Fairy Boats".

  • ya'll r disturbing

  • Something like this happened to me once.

    Me and my gf were going to a concert with my brother and his gf. We were taking his car. I drove to, gf was in the seat next to me.

    Brother and his gf were in the back seat f******. Yah.

    So, he drove on the way back. Me and my gf decided to do the same thing.

    My gf is a screamer and a squirter. His isn't.

  • Hahahah thats funny don't worry though. I think this happens to a lot of people because me and step daughter where also in traffic when we saw the same thing. I got hard for some reason and she noticed and pulled it out and gave me a BJ. This has happened more than once and I must say she is nice down there.

  • YOU are one sick B******!!!!

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