When people tell me "your pretty for a black girl." , I feel ashamed of my race. /:

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  • be proud of being you

    if it bugs you , just reply that for a whitey , they are not so bad after all themselves .

    Im too black to be white and too white to be black , stuff em all , Im ME , let em deal with it

  • Thanks for ASSuming that OP was referring to white people, racist.

  • im white, and my whole life i have been jealous of black girls. You are so beautiful and perfect and just because of your colour people cant see past that. I will always defend your race, because i can see past ignorence.
    your ten times prettier than any white woman could ever be.

  • Thanks for ASSuming that OP was referring to white people, racist

  • It is "you're" or "you are" not your....:(

  • Let me guess. You're actually white with dark skin tones. You feel ashamed for your white race, right? Oh, and you have a nice booty.

  • Thanks for ASSuming that OP was referring to white people, racist!

  • tell them to go eff them self! us black girls shouldn't be talked to like that people tell me i'm pretty all the time. that guy/girl just has a problem. dont listen to them!

  • omg!!don't be ashamed!! to me black women are the most beautiful women in the world!! i am white (very white actually, i'm irish =D) and i think this. black women have full beautiful lips, curvacious bodies, beautiful skin tones!! beyonce, tyra banks, rihanna, theyre all GORGEOUS women!!! and too me theyre more beautiful than every jessica simpson, britney spears, and pamela anderson type of girl out there. you are beautiful girl!!! love yourself!

  • When people tell you that,you should be ashamed for THEM.

  • Never feel ashamed or embarrassed on what people say,
    but take that comment your pretty for a black girl as a complement,beside most people just say what they feel,
    so for someone to say that then you must be pretty

  • No u r an idiot, am a black medical study come on with something better

  • See, that makes me feel embarrassed for MY race. You're wonderful. They're idiotic.

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