I don't want to grow up

I'm turning 34 this year, but I still read comic books, watch cartoons, play with Lego and action figures.
The other week I was in Toys R Us and got excited when I saw a new R2-D2 figure. Some guy then said to me "is that for you or your kid?" I replied "why do you care?" and he walked off, but I felt ashamed. Also sometimes when I'm walking around the town centre people make fun of my star wars, transformers, xmen, etc t-shirts.
My wife accepts me but I feel ashamed of what I like!

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  • Be proud to be you, who gives a s*** what anyone else thinks, I'm 21 and go crazy when a new Disney film comes out, my mates think I'm sad but I think there's sad for liking things like eastenders, big brother ect, the world would be a very boreing place if we all liked the same things, next time someone asks if a toy is for you or ya kid say its for me


  • I'm older than you but still psychologically and socially a child. There's a part of me that never grew up. It seems like the good part of you that knows how to have hasn't grown up. There's nothing wrong with that.

  • im gonna be just like you when i grow up im 14 and i still do all that stuff. i know your pain :)

  • You have a wife. You must be doing something right.

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