My girlfriend is stronger than me

I know it should be normal and I shouldn't be ashamed of that, but I still am. It turns out my girlfriend is way stronger than I am. She is as tall as I am, but has more muscles. We tried just for fun to fight, but she overpowered me without difficoulties. And when I challenged her to fight again, I discovered she holds a black belt and had practiced martial arts for like 12 years. I told her I don't mind, but I actually do feel a bit ashamed.

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  • I'd find this quite a thrill TBH.

  • Yeah well she is probably a man. Just saying

  • Embrace it. Your girlfriend is the boss. I have been out with some proper gym crazy women, stronger and bigger than me. They love the power and I love to be dominated. So we often had s** fights, a fight to be on top, penetrate (or be penetrated) and to remain on top until one of us c***. More often they would beat me. I loved it. One time one woman pinned me down in front of her friends, kept me down while stripping me naked in front of them. I was totally emasculated and it was awesome tbh. The next week her friend pinned me down and stripped me. My d*** dribbling precumgave away how much I liked it.

  • Jeez, that's extremely humiliating!

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