In love with someone else

Im married, and have recently had a child. However im still madly in love with another women who i still talk to sometimes, and she is all i think about. I fell obligated to stay with my wife, and raise my child, but i feel like i might be cheating my wife out of the love she deserves when i all I can think about is this other women.

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  • You only have an obligation to your child. It seems you want this other woman and your wife. You must choose, if you are in love with another woman then you must let your wife go, if there is nothing left and let her find her own love again.

    But you said you "sometimes" talk to this other woman? Did you have an affair? I find it hard to believe that you are in love with someone that you only talk to "sometimes".

    Does this other woman love you, does your wife love you? You must choose, as hard as it is. People shouldn't stay together out of obligation for their children, if you fight they will see, if your cold to each other they will feel it. And then eventually they will be just as unhappy as you.
    You are confused and you need to make a choice. That's all there is to it.

  • I just got out of something similar to your situation, except I was the other woman and yes, I was married with a child also.
    First, just by the tone in your letter your not going to leave your wife. So you mine as well concentrate on that.
    Second, I was the other woman and it ended very badly for me...he just ignored me in the end with no explanation. He wanted me to believe that he loved me, but in the same sentence that he said he loved me...he said he loved his wife as well. And by your email, you love your wife, stay with her, trust me it's not fair to the other woman. I was destroyed and so will the other woman if you keep this going.
    I know I'm supposed to sit here and tell you to stay with your wife no matter what....but I've been there and I understand and I still understand, I still hurt a lot....maybe because I'm "the other woman" I have sympathy for her, who knows. I don't know your situation.

    One last thought, if you really don't have a connection with your wife anymore, and she doesn't have one with you. Your baby will grow up knowing and you can't keep a happy home that way. So give it your best and if it still doesn't work, you will have to make a decision on what to do. But at least you gave it your best.

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