I divorced my wife after our baby was stillborn

She wanted to name our son after he boyfriend she had before we were married. We had many arguments about this and I refused to sign a birth certificate that had that mans name on it. She said after she was found to be pregnant that she would have an abortion if the child was a girl.

The child as I said was stillborn and I refused to have s** with her and I got a lawyer and ended the marriage with her over her pleadings and begging.

Feb 3, 2018

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  • She's total trailer trash. Be glad that you sent her packing.

  • Some women just love to cheat. She wanted you to stay so that she could play with her ex, and toy with him, using you as her excuse not to marry him, but still f*** him on the DL. Now, he's going to want her to commit, since she's not married anymore, and while she can't commit, she no longer has an excuse. The whole thing between them is going to explode. You're going to LOVE seeing it. It'll be spectacular and very entertaining.

  • May be the baby is her boyfriends

  • I agree with ^this^ completely. I think it's absolutely correct. Her ex is the father. They were f****** the whole time you were married to her. Good riddance.

  • Women are so righteous when they are young.

  • Good for you. Whew. Stopping s** is such a powerful tool for men. I alllmost successful used that once. Almost.

  • ". . . for better or for worse . . ."

  • Best you divorced that whack job

  • Wonder if it was yours even.

  • Well done. If she's thinking of the ex with your first kid then she's already gone

  • ^I agree^. It's virtually certain that she never stopped f****** the ex: she was likely doing him throughout your marriage. And as someone else already pointed out, the kid was probably his anyway. But if she was insisting on that name, you know she had never let the ex go. You did the right thing.

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