A Not So Happy Home

I've been with this guy for a few years now, we have a child together and everything. However, ever since the birth of our child, I can't stand him. I wish he would just leave. Meanwhile, Ive recently reconnected with my old boss. He's 8 years older, and recently divorced with a child of his own. I feel myself falling in love with him, and he feels the same. I don't want to break up my home, but it is killing me sleeping in bed with one man when all I can think about is the other.

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  • You'd feel much, much better if you were sleeping in bed with one man while KNOWING that you can have the other one any time you want, and KNOWING that he wants to f*** you, and KNOWING that he f**** you better than the man you're sleeping in bed with. The only way you'll ever know those things is to start f****** that other man -- and not just once, but often -- and carrying on an affair with that other man. You gotta go get on him, and not worry so much. S** is about fun, not worry.

  • the ex boss came back into your life for a reason. and that reason is s**. you have to do him.

  • you said it yourself. your home is not so happy. what would make it happy? new d***. gogitchasum.

  • Honey, if you don't take a ride on the guy you used to work for you will never ever forgive yourself. Stop wasting time and get on that c***. If you keep waiting, some other gal will scoop him up and then you really will be screwed, but not in the fun way. If your man doesn't ring your bell, go out and get it rung. NOW.

  • I agree: you have to make a move on the ex-boss. You have to know.

  • what you need to do is to find a way to think about this situation that allows you to enjoy both men. maybe even to love both of them. but if you dont do nothing else you have to begin a relationship with the old boss and see where that goes for you. stop worrying and enjoy all the s** you could soon be having. s** is supposed to be fun and your making it too difficult.

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