I just realized this morning that I am not a good person. I feel that my core is rotten. I've been lying, cheating and stealing since a very young age. I am greedy and egotistical. I am not happy with my life. I don't want to change though.
I love wine, s**, travel. I am married to my third husband and for the first 6 years it was ok even though he relapsed on his crack addiction several times. We then stopped having s** and I was no longer physically attracted to him. He was unable to function in the bedroom. Pills didn't work. I began having affairs.
I should leave him but I don't want him to be sad. So I pretend like I am the perfect wife although I lead this secret life. I don't think I can ever be truly happy.


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  • Why pretend to be the perfect wife when your husband is so awfully flawed? Keep up your affairs with other men but do so without that crack addict in your life.

  • Ungodly advice above.

    The only person who can change any and everything is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Here's how to bring Him into any situation. First, acknowledge your sinfulness to God (sin is the willful or unknowing thoughts, behaviors, or heart condition against the revealed will of God) second, ask Him (Jesus) to come into your life, and take total control of it. Third, read your Bible daily, attend a Bible-believing church.
    If you ask Him to do anything that is in line with His will, HE WILL DO IT. Don't forget to thank Him, and don't forget to have faith. Some things have immediate results, some things take time. Never give up. God will totally heal and redeem you, your situation, and the people around you. But you have to ask! Then, stay away from sin - it will kill you otherwise.

  • That thang ain't gonna lick itself, God's help or not.

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