I have a problem

When i was 10 i wieghed 200 lbs. i was not happy at all. i decided to get healthy..i joined sports,started running everyday,and ate healthy. i finaly got down to 160 and 5'3 at the age of 12. i was still not happy..but qorking out and eating healthy wasnt working anymore. one day i got really sick and kept throwing up. the next day i weighed myself,i weighed 5 ilbs less. that is the day i became anorexic. on my 13th birthday i was finally happy. or so i thought..i was 5'4 and weighed 140.i thought it was perfect..untill my doctor said i was overwieght..i am going to be 14 in a couple of weeks...i am now 5'5 and 100 ilbs. is this bad...? or is it okay...?

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  • Not bad just ur a mental case u need 2b put nside

  • Why would your doctor say you're overweight? The numbers you just gave me say otherwise. You're a little shorter than me, and weigh less than my girlfriend. That doesn't sound overweight to me.

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