Never Satisfied

I have only had one o***** in my lifetime! I am in my mid 30's and I've been married twice and cannot seem to have an o*****. It is so frustrating I've tried to speak to my current husband and I've tried different positions but nothing! I don't want to hurt his feelings so I just fake it but I hate it! I wonder if one of those creams will help. Can anyone vouch for one?


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  • Apparently doing kegal exercises can really help women reach o*****. I hope this helps a little!

  • get a little vibrating thingy...put iton you c******* while having s**. They have a thing with trojan condoms i think that your husband would wear around his p**** and it vibrates..its great!

  • O***** from intercourse is extremely rare. You need some help that you aren't getting. Tell the guy to get busy.

  • You can't just blame it on your husbands; most women have to put in work to o***** too. You probably just need to rub your c******* while he is thrusting.

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