Overwhelmed by Facebook

I'm not so overwhelmed by Facebook, as I am by the people on there. Either way, here is how it goes. I went into Homeschooling a year or so ago. I did it to get away from the s***** teachers, the schedule, and most importantly, the rat race. The popularity s***. "Oh, I have to wear these DC shoes, and these hoodies, and that pair of jeans, and I have to act like a Douchebag." It drove me insane. And whats funny is I'm wasn't unpopular, nor was I popular, I was well known, but also fairly too myself, and those who I wanted to be around. But just all of the f****** pressure. I had enough of it. And when I made my choice, my parents were behind me, but everyone else was saying "But what about your friends?" Well I have most of my friends here, in my little secluded neighborhood. It worked, and most of the time, no one from school appeared in my little neighborhood. Unfortunately, I was also a bit awkward with my leaving, and so one day I was in school (The last day of school one year) and then next day, the first day of school after summer, I wasn't! I dropped like a ghost. It was almost hilarious. Therefore everytime I ran into someone from the school that didn't live near me, they thought I was a ghost. Even better! My only existence to over 300 people were rumors from people who had seen me, and questioned whether or not I lived.

Now there were about 20 people I actually cared for in that school, and one of them was a girl who I had a crush on. I barely knew it until after I left school, which meant that I never really got to see her again. Which left me in this weird agony for a few months, but I fairly quickly got over it. Most of the "agony" was just wondering why I didn't realize it and take a chance to actually enjoy knowing her. Ahh whatever.

During the whole first school year, I was happy in my neighborhood until the summer came along, and all of a sudden my facebook lighted up. Now I do have a facebook, but for the most part, I've been fairly quiet with it, and am only friends with about 20 people. Even though people from my old school are sending friend requests, I typically just ignore it. Well, then all of a sudden, my old crush sends a friend request. And then the stupid "agony" comes back, and I decide to accept it. But I also have to accept at least a few others so it doesn't look like I'm picking only favorites. And it should be fine right? Well, its sort of awkward as my family can't afford texting, so I'm out the drift already, and it that's not enough, I've now shoved myself into the popularity circle that I was trying to get away from. And yeah, I can just abandon facebook, thats easy.


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