I've been crushing on him for 2years , help!!

Well, it all started when I've known him at a lesson he is 3 years older , he's 18 & I'm 15 I liked him for so long , and because I wasn't liking him so secretly , he found out by himself that I liked him. After that he posted a post on Facebook which has been so harsh and made me cry. Anyway few hours later he sent me a message on Facebook messenger , telling me that he doesn't know any girls and he is not more than a friend to me if I wanted to and he said tthathe treats me like one of his guy friends "and that's something which I already knew before he told me" and told me that I'm a good person and he likes good persons in a way
Then days came by . school started again , I've seen him few times , couple of times each 3 weeks I guess and each time he came I'd create any event just to be around him . each time he sees me he just stares at me and fixes his gaze towards my eyes then smiles , and when I look back he just stares !! My friends saw him doing that a lot
*note :he doesn't know how long I've been crushing on him*
*another note: I show him my love to him by art ... But he can't even remember how many times I've drawn him*
I don't know if I have a chance with him but his actions are way different from his words ... I don't know what to do and I'm confused ,please help.

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  • I'm confused reading this

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