im at university, but i smoke weed all

im at university, but i smoke weed all day. i start when i wake which can be as early as 8am and i have a couple throughout the entire day so im pretty much high all time. With all that said im still successful at university i pass all my exams with good grades and i get good grades in my coursework too. Also none of friendships/relationships & personal life have never been affected while im stoned. Do you think what im doing is bad?

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  • I just do it in the evenings to wind down... that is probably a better idea than to do it all day. Not to mention, if you keep it up at that rate.. say goodbye to your short term memory.. i'm telling you this from experience!

  • I used to smoke weed all the time,but then I found I wasn't as productive as when I was "sober". Just cut back little by little like you have been,and you'll be fine. Don't feel too terrible about it.

  • thanks guys for all your feed back, its much appreciated. I used to smoke between an 8th to quater of an ounce a day which is valued at hmmmm i dont know in USD, but in relation to our currency its works out to be $40-80 aday. I then cut back to half an ounce a week but now I no where near smoke that much anymore, an 8th lasts me 4 days now which i feel is a big improvement. I really enjoy smoking weed bcuz i dont feel stupidly impaired as what alcholhol or other drugs do top u, i just feel really chilled, i enjoy the euphoric state of mind & feeling that it gives. But i do plan on cutting back and stopping completely for a while.

  • its not addictive, it's a proven fact.. let the man do what he wants. if he's smart enough to get into a university and keep his grades up, then he's smart enough to quit if he thinks he should.

  • Yes. Your relationships may not have been affected yet, but they will be. What you're doing is slowly allowing yourself to self-destruct (it's a much less quick and dramatic self-destruction than cocaine or heroine, but deadly and tragic nonetheless). Have you ever seen a middle-aged man who has been a stoner most of his life? Everyone regards him as a bum, and he is usually unmarried. Marijuana can be just as addictive as any other drug. Try to stop now (I stress, try) before it's too late.

  • more people than you think do it as regular as you do, i think pot is the one OK drug and it should be legal. it doesn't impare you like people say it does, it just chills you out and makes you feel good. and its not addictive. as long as you still do well in school, h***, keep doing it.

  • No, lot's of people are like that...I'm llike that. I've never had any problems due to marijuana smoking. MAKE ALCOHOL ILLEGAL

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