Well, here it goes....

I am a Dracophile. I have a fetish for dragons. Yeah, the big scaly firebreathing winged lizards. I can't help it. When I see a truly gorgeous picture or statue of a dragon, I can't help but get hot over their majestic symmetry. I know it's kinda wrong, but it's not my fault.

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  • Have to be honest..One of my female friends has a thing for dragons.. I never understood it.

  • I believe dragons can exist on the astral plains so I suppose if you wanted you could call one

  • Sometime soon, read the Book of Revelation (last book in the New Testament of the Bible). You will find that dragons did and do exist, and are part of Satan's army. You have a big problem if you like them - ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to forgive your sins, and to come into your heart, to lead you in the way of life everlasting. Liking dragons, is like liking poison. Same goes for unicorns. These are NOT cute, fuzzy little pets - they are vicious killers. Check out the scriptures. For your own sake, check it out!!!! Your life is hanging in the balance. H*** is real, so is Heaven. Heaven is a private residence - get to know the owner (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) if you want to go there when you die. The alternative is real and terrifying. Jesus says to Flee H***. He didn't say it because He couldn't think of anything better to say - HE MEANS IT.

  • Me too, <3

  • Dragons are awesome!

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