I have masturbated while looking at p***. I have done this many times... I hate this sin, I pray To God that He will heal me, and give me strength to fight this temptation. HELP ME JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD!! I'm gonna sleep now and go to church tomorrow. I will be refreshed by His word and given wisdom for my everyday life. And may my brother never be tempted in this! NEVER!!! SATAN I COMAND YOU NEVER TO GET CLOSE TO HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS OF NAZARETH!!!!


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  • alright, brother, my email is: th irsty soul 1 (at) live

    no spaces (at) means @. PLease send me an email.

  • Dear...
    I am an adult and I have been haunted by this sin for about seven years now.. continuous pain and the taste of sin is so bitter and sour... I can't count the number of times I cried or felt deeply desperate and broken because of this sin..

    Thank God and thank Lord Jesus Christ... I have been saved now!

    The most important things are:
    1- never lose hope.. ever.
    2- You are not going to stop this sin unless GOD treats what causes you to resort to this sin...
    3- The sin is Dirty... YOU ARE NOT! YOU HAVE TO PUT THIS IN YOUR MIND!!!, what devil really exploits is you being hopeless and thinking you are going no where... trust me my friend .. the moment you will see hoe strong God is .. you will see how this sin can be very weak...

    These are basic points that conclude some of a seven years suffering... if you want to talk more.. we can agree on a chat (you can do an anonymous e-mail if you still want to hide your identity) and we can talk as much as you like..

    You also need to have a spiritual mentor that guides you and supports you. I am a coptic christian and this made it easy for me to find deeply wise, spiritual and amazing fathers to guide me through salvation from this sin.

    God bless you!
    Pray.. Pray.. and Praaaaaay!

  • Thank you so much! You've encouraged me.
    I really feel so dirty and sinful, I feel like I deserve h***...
    I seriously need God's strength, but it seems like I'll never get over this! I wish God would just remove this temptation.But I know that when He finally gets me out of it I will have grown a lot closer to Him and will be able to share with others of how I came to be freed from this slavery... Thanks brother... I'll post my anonimous email soon.

  • I will keep on posting until I am free of this sin. I will post every week.

  • Thats awesome brother ... i stand behind you... not a fan of p*** myself though... but its good that you recognize.

  • UPDATE: I'm still the same. I need God to change me. I hate what I do! SAVE ME, GOD!!

  • he won't listen, you'll fall in with pretty much every male, vast majority of us watch p***.

    satan must be hard at work trying to get everyone to j*** off and all lol

    and your little brother will too lol

  • He will not, I declare it in the name of Jesus.

  • Just J*******. I do all the time and look at me!

  • If you are married, perhaps for the sake of your marriage, you need to have a open discussion with your wife.
    God is real and He understands what you are facing.
    Spend time in prayers and fill your mind with His Words.

    Bless you brother!

  • Not married.

  • God probably isnt real, stop worrying. masturbation isnt bad.

  • I need encouragement. Please don't write this garbage. God's real just as surely as Plato lived.

  • You'll be telling us all Jesus was a real individual too, won't you, rather than just an amalgamation of other mythical gods and soothsayers. You know there are no surviving contemporary records to verify the existence of Jesus. The earliest records of him date from 25 years after his death.

  • Im christian. Graduated from a christian university with a minor in bible theology. Everyone masterbates. Most everyone has looked at p***. Try not to do it but dont get this worked up over it. Trust me. After living on that campus for three years the conversation comes up all the time. Its just a joke between us all now. Quit beating yourself up over this(pun intended). Its a part of life and your fine.

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