I can't believe I did this...

Started out as an innocent, kind of anyway, night out at a bar with a couple buddies. We had been drinking at my house pregame, then hit the bar. We played darts, pool, played some tunes on the juke box. We went back over to play darts and this girl and her guy friend asked to play with us.
She immediately caught my eye. She was very sexy. Short hair, c cup b******, a little extra meat on her, and a very sexy, come hither and f#ck me gaze about her. My friend and I played her and her guy friend. As her and I passed the darts back to each other we gently touched each other's hands and fingers just a bit longer than was needed.
After a few times, our fingers became entwined and she rubbed my palms with her fingernails.
By this time I was absolutely rock hard and she could probably tell. I was getting nervous about her guy friend, whom I thought might have been her boyfriend. I asked her something about "does your boyfriend want to play next" in an effort to get her to tell me whether or not they were together. She basically laughed and said he's not her boyfriend, but he's been buying her drinks all night because he wants to f#ck. Her words!
By this time, there were very few people left in the bar - my buddy, the girl, the girl's guy friend, and a few workers. The guy friend was going to leave and he wanted her to leave with him. She wanted to stay. She assured him she'd be fine and I said, "we'll get her home". At this point we were both ridiculously drunk. We were winding down our last dart game before last call and as she and I were awaiting our turns we sequestered ourselves behind a half wall which obscured us from everyone - the few people left and the bartender.
By now, she was giving me a tremendous handjob over my shorts and I could feel the precum oozing out of my c***. I also had my hand down her pants and was slightly fingering her now dripping wet p****.
Bartender calls last call. We go over to the bar and my buddy sits to my left and she to my right, my c*** still in her grasp. We got last call and the place was closing in about 5 minutes. The bartender and staff was really trying to get us out of there.
My buddy went outside preparing to leave and I got up and motioned to the girl. I told her I was going to the bathroom and I wanted her to come with me. I would go check out to see if it was safe for us both to go in the stall, it was, and I beckoned her and she indeed came in the stall with me.
We hurriedly closed the door and I immediately pulled down my shorts, boxers, and unleashed my c***. She devoured it like it's never been devoured before. She throated the whole thing b**** deep. It was insane. I pulled her pants down and fingered her dripping wet p****. I don't know how long we were in there, but I'm pretty sure I managed to get behind her and thrust my c*** inside her box a few times. Then someone opened the door, I think it was the bartender, and we got dressed and left. My c*** was about to explode, but I never came.
My friend was waiting for us outside and now this girl thinks we're giving her a ride home - wrong, we got dropped off and had to walk 10 minutes to my buddy's house. The three of us walked together, she and I flirting all the way until we had to go our separate ways. She was going to go to her guy friend's place from before and he'd give her a ride home.
I tried walking with her, but my buddy pulled me away and we both walked back to his place.
For some reason, he decided to walk a different way than me. SO, when we got to our destination, I hopped in my car and went looking for this chick. I knew the direction in which she was walking and there was a good chance I'd find her. I did. I pulled over, and asked her to get in. She said "you said you didn't have a car!" I told her I did, and I lied, but she willingly got in. We drove about 20 feet and turned into a semi-secluded parking lot.
It was at this point where we completely went nuts on each other. We both got out and I pinned her against the passenger side front quarter panel. We were kissing, licking, feeling, getting sexually lost in each other, even though we had met only hours before.
I pulled out my c*** and she gave me an outstanding b******. I'd intermittently take my c*** out and squeeze out precum, which she gobbled right up. I then began fingering her furiously and she was moaning in ecstasy. I had never seen a p**** so wet. I asked her why she was so wet - it seemed like she was literally dripping - even though I was only thrusting two or three fingers into her p****, my entire hand and most of my forearm was wet from her juice. I felt her panties and they were also soaking wet. She said I made her c** five or six times already.
I raised up and squeezed even more precum out of my c*** and she once again licked it up. I then lifted up her shirt and bra and sucked and caressed her nice sized t***. It was at this point where we actually "talked" a bit. She told me I was "so f****** hot" and wanted my c*** inside her. I told her I wanted to f*** the s*** out of her and blow a load in her mouth. She told me she wanted all my c**. I said I'd f*** her, blow a load, and f*** her some more.
We're going at it and she tells me she's married. I admit to her that I'm married as well. I asked her if she'd ever cheated before and she laughed and said "hundreds of times" - wow. She said her husband was an a******. I said my wife was getting overbearing. This is the first time I had ever done anything like this - never so much as a kiss from another woman since I've been married - 10 years. We both had kids - hers older than mine, and one in high school.
We both basically spat at our marriages and continued our high octane cheating - me going to town on her p**** with my fingers and my mouth - it almost felt like I was drinking her p**** juice because she was dripping so much. I stood up and gave her p**** a few pounds with my c***, then took it out and squeezed out some more precum and she gobbled it up. She furiously sucked my c*** some more - this girl's b****** was a thing of perfection.
I went down on her p**** again, spreading it open to ensure I gave her the most orgasmic eating out she'd ever had. I knew I was hitting her c*** - She kept telling me how awesome it was, how she wanted to f#ck me....then, we see a cop pull up. SH#T! He puts on his lights, goes in reverse, turns the corner into the parking lot and pulls up next to us. We both got dressed ran back into the car, and put our heads down. She kept saying, "sh#t, sh#t, sh#t!" Luckily for both of us the cop just left. She was panicked, at least I think, and wanted to leave asap. I offered to drive her wherever she was going, but she declined and said her guy friend from earlier would give her a ride home.
I got home, and tried to remove any trace of my tryst with this girl. I cleaned up, put rubbing alcohol on my hand to take away the smell of her p****...everything.
This was almost two months ago and I still think about this girl every day....Please spare moral judgments in the comments. Yes, I know infidelity is a terrible thing and I f#cked up...

Sep 8, 2011

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  • Original poster - she actually DID give me a way to contact her - she told me where she worked and what she does there. I was so hammered I don't know how it came up - was she dangling this info out there because she WANTED me to find her? I have no idea.
    The place where she works, it would be easy for me stop in there and at least say hello - providing I hit it right on a night when she's working.
    I still think of her every f****** day...probably because it's the first time I ever did anything like this. To her, I'm probably just another notch on her belt, but who knows...
    Why would she tell me where she works and what she does????

  • awesome

  • Thanks for THAT confession...now I am dripping wet too !

    Oh, but get checked for std's dude. If she cheats that easily and that often, you can pretty much guarantee she gave you something.

    H***, that is probably why she gave you no further way to contact her...so much for her wanting you to f*** her so badly !

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