Hey you

Hey you! Yeah, YOU! The one with the glasses and the kick ass blue eyes behind them! The one who looks like Harry Potter and has a brain the size of a planet! I know you don't date friends....but please will you just give me a chance? We're into the same dorky stuff, we make eachother laugh, you like my family and they like you...c'mon all I want is a chance. I don't love you or anything, but I do care for you a lot and I just wanna see if we could have anything.So HEY YOU, look at the frizzy brownhaired girl right in front of you with the giant smile =)

Sep 10, 2011

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  • I'm sure if you let him know that, he'll agree. He's just shy.

  • U shuld talk to him and let him know all that

  • I call bullshit on his "won't date friends" claim. He just won't date YOU, for whatever reason. But in picturing him based on your description, you're not missing much.

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