I hate my stepson w/ a passion! His

I hate my stepson w/ a passion! His very presence in my home makes me want to vomit! He is by far the most irritating human that ever existed! He's young but the troubles are only going to get worse. I would be willing to pay his biological mother top dollar to take care of him just so he wouldnt have to live in my home anymore! i detest him! Sadly, he probably knows it.. whiich I realize isnt good for him. I just want to strangle him!!!!

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  • Omg, i'm so glad i found this! i don't feel so alone! ditto pretty much everything said here... dirty, messy, disrespectful, can't-tell-him-anything, lazy, stupid, unorganized, zero common sense with a stupid dirty dog and a gambling addiction. And I can't say anything. I'm done.

  • I've been with my wife for almost 6 years now. We constantly fight about her lazy ass pig son. He works full time pays nothing in rent does absolutely nothing around the house and has his girlfriend eat over every other day and when I say something about anything his mother gets all p***** off and points out my faults instead I've f****** had it with him and his disgusting face. His room is something you'd see from a f****** pig leaves his garbage and used condoms snot rags all over his floor and god forbid I mention it to his mother. I've f****** had it im at my breaking point I feel like ripping his face off. Useless son of a b****.we have other younger kids in the house and i will not have them live with him . I'm actually depressed and I've lost all interest with everything!

  • Your not alone ! I feel exactly the same way with my step son who is nothing more than an oxygen thief . I don’t think he’ll ever leave home and his mommy’s breast even though it’s now 21. Won’t go into detail but the organic blob is the sort of thing only it’s mother could love . Hate the f*****!

  • I absolutely cannot stand my fiance's 7 yo son. This kid is the worst child I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. We have been together for almost 4 years. The little b****** is constantly breaking my things and rules arould the house. He does what he wants, takes his punishment, and then does the same stupid sh** again. His poor excuse for a mother only gets him for 3 days to a week around holidays and his bday. I wish she had him full time! I love my fiance but that child is a huge pain in my ass. I won't fully commit to marriage because I don't want to commit to that SOB. And to make matters worse, I'm pregnant so I don't want to split up. But if we do that demon seed will be the reason. I just wanna strangle and beat him every single day. I'm miserable in my own home, and it shouldn't be this way.

  • I get what you are going through. I have dealt with my nightmare stepson since he is 7 years old. He is 14 now and still around. Even though he only comes every other weekend, his presence makea me want to vomit as well 🤢. He is the most rude, lazy and disgusting human being. Me and my husband have a 1 year old and I don't really want him to set that example on my son. It is very hard since these devils are never going away. All he does since he comes is lay on the bed from Froday night to Sunday night watching his phone which I find extremely annoying. He won't come out of the room at all... only to eat and go to the bathroom. I don't even know what's the point of him coming here if he doesn't even talk. I just hate him so much!! I wish he could just dissapear forever

  • My girlfriends son is 15 years old and all I can say is that he manipulates her all the time. When she's around he acts way different than when he's alone with me. He has stolen from my family twice and he recently grabbed something from my desk and broke it. I told my girlfriend what he did and she went off on me for accusing him! She went as far as saying that I broke it and am trying to blame him! She turns a blind eye to everything he does because she thinks he's this innocent child. He is sabotaging my relationship, and his mom is blinded.

  • Get out, don’t waste any more of your life around that shitstain and his enabler, it will only get worse and cost you a lot of money

  • My partners son is 20 and he’s a vile nasty master manipulator just like his mother! He hates me, he is nice enough if he wants something, a lift somewhere for example but every few weeks the sh*t hits the fan when he can’t get his own way and I am public enemy no.1. He threatens his Dad when he is told no, threatens to beat him up and take him outside to smash his face in, he’s just disgusting! He’s called me all the names under the sun and threatened me while I was holding the baby. He’s like a toddler throwing massive tantrums at the word no.
    Worst thing is his nasty attitude is rubbing off on our own teenage son who is now also very negative and can be really nasty towards me, which is making me feel negative back at him too. I don’t want nasty feelings towards my own child.
    My partners sons girlfriend is just as bad too and happily stirs things up at every opportunity.
    I suppose I can only be grateful he doesn’t live with us! I absolutely despise the nasty c***! I’m so glad I am not alone!

  • I have an 18 year old stepson who I despise! He does work full time and I've said go his mother it's time for him to pay rent or help out around the house and he does neither.he has 15000 saved up and says he's broke all the time lazy a****** can't even lift a finger around the house it makes me sick and I fight with his mother constantly about him but of course she always takes his side and I'm ready to leave it all because of him

    I don't hate much but I hate him so damn much

  • Yep sounds like my situation ! My wife thinks the sun shines from stepsons ass and he’s just brilliant when I and lots of others ( family) now he’s a useless sponging shitstain.
    On paper he’s done this done that but in reality he’s a f***** up shitstain who the biggest mummy’s boy you’ll ever come across. He contributes zero both physically and financially around the house while daft mum picks up and tidys up after him literally .
    I don’t speak or acknowlage or make any eye contact to him around the house as I f****** hate him.
    I mumble words like k*** head , t*** , f*****, a******, bitty ( little Britain) fucktard to my self ect every time I walk past him.
    It’s a shame really as his mum and dad have made this human into what it is today which is a disturbed useless f*****.

  • Don't feel lonely, I have the same situation at my home.

  • Omg I am so glad I am not alone...I hate my SS. He lies about everything...and when he gets busted he tries to manipulate the situation! He is 14 and treats me like garbage! We paid his mom so we could get full custody of him and I regret it so much! He treates me and my son so bad! Wish I could send him back to his mom! Everyday it is something with him...

  • I am from South Africa. Living with my partner for 10 years. I do not have kids of my own. Her son is 16 and a master manipulator. He acts all sweet and innocent in front of his mom and other people, but when we are alone or his mom is not observant enough, he back chats me all the time. He does his chores most of the time, but his mom has to pay him to do it. His father does not contribute at all financially and he is his son's hero, even after physically abusing his mom for years before she divorced him. I contribute two thirds of my salary to the household each month. But because I earn less than my partner I have to supliment that by doing most of the chores like cooking and washing as well. The kid has a knack to never finish anything he starts. For example washing the dishes he does not wash properly and puts dirty dishes back in cupboard.... when I reprimand him for it his mom goes off at me. It has now got so bad she refuses me intimacy if I dont treat him like royalty ALL the time. The other day he back chatted me again and I went at him and almost hit him... and he pushed me. I know I was wrong, but in that moment I realised he is just like his father and going to hit women.... because I am a woman. I am not allowed to say anything to him but I must pay half of everything in the household? He runs to his mother and tells her lies about me that she always believes. I am lying in bed now. Alone. Because he has hijacked the whole day by waiting till Sunday to do a school project. And mum must help him with it. I am lying here and reading everyone elses stories and not feeling so alone anymore...

  • I married a man that raises 8 yrs old son and I can't stand this rude child. He makes me sick Because my husband spoils him waaaaaaaayyyy to much & he disrespect my husband at home & in the public. I want a divorce because of his child. I deserve so much better. Mrs. Nuknown

  • Anyone have middle-aged stepsons that act friendly in front of their Dad but are rude and dismissive when he's not around? My stepson lives on the same cul-de-sac and is an angry little man. His wife is Creepy too and his Dad supplemented their income until he had a stroke 3 years ago. Just need to vent.

  • Wow! It's a relief to read that I am not the only one struggling with stepkids..out of 4 the worst one is the 17 year old that disrespects me and tells me he wants to slice my throat at night, calls me an a****** and disrespects me when he feels like it... yes when he feels like it. He refuses to do chores or follow rules in the house becuase im not his mother. When I talk to my husband, all he does is have a convo with him. He doesn't believe punishment will do anything because this kid has a IDGAF attitude . I've asked my husband to take him to a specialist and have him checked out. He has been in and out of mental hospitals, juvenile detention centers, etc.. I have a 1 year old with my husband. The only best thing that come out of the SS is that he is a good brother to my baby. The SS is ruining my marriage with my husband . I love my husband but I do not love his kids. I don't want to ruin my marriage because I can't stand his son. He lives with us Full time and does nothing around the house. I use to wish for him to turn 18 and get out of my house.. but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. He isn't mentally capable of taking care of himself. I'm just mentally drained with all this. Mind this, my SS is 10 years younger than me.

  • Wow. I am so glad I am not alone. Last week my 12 yr old stepson kicked our 2 yr old daughter who is nothing but loving towards him. 3 yrs ago he even shot my 12 yr old with a toy gun giving her a black eye. My husband is passive and refuses to discipline my stepson. I've just starting feeling this resentment this summer. My husband always defends his sons action and favors him over our toddler. People always expect us to keep being nice no matter what. Its ruining my relationship with my partner.

  • Mine is just a videogame playing a****** pig who deserves everything he gets. As life goes on i won't be there for him no matter what. Once he's grown all betts are off. Little j*** off

  • My girlfriend of 6yrs has a...
    What I call the poster child for redhead b****** stepchild.
    He's a 14yr shitstain thru & thru.
    I hate the little b******.
    He doesn't have any choirs & has yelling tantrums while playing video games.
    He plays sick & missing at least 1 day a week from school
    He has his mom wrapped around her finger.
    I get physically ill when it's his week to stay with us.
    Thank God the demon seed stays with his dad every other week.
    Just venting & seeing who else has my problem

  • Step son is 21 and a psychopath! He has threatened me , attacked me , swore at me and his dad does nothing but give him "talks". He is such a weird kid who acts like hes still 15 . He manipulates and constantly lies to everyone , tells morbid stories to disturb people. I never thought I would say I hate a kid but I do!

  • Sounds just like my as he's a little d*** and I hate him I'm at the stage where I will file for divorce because his dad always puts him first tbh if I knew now 31 mths ago I'd have never got married

  • I can totally relate! Im ready to leave my partner over his 12 yr old son. He is violent towards our toddler and my 12 yr old daughter from a previous relationship. These "talks" do nothing

  • My step son is an absolute little c***. He's 12 and i absolutely despise him!!! He spends 5days with us and then the weekend with his d*** head dad. Words cannot describe how much I can't stand his s***** attitude. He's nothing but a lazy little p****. His mum knows I hate him and it causes tension between us all the time . I often think of leaving but we have two children together and to be honest though, why should I leave just because of this bell end! I'm so glad I found this site , made me feel better knowing I'm not alone on this. I cannot wait for the day when this s*** head leaves my home!!!!!

  • I'm in the same situation it drives me crazy because we have 2 kids of our own but I just can't do this anymore with my step son I don't fee happy

  • I feel your pain! Same boat. I don’t leave b cause we have two kids together.

  • Right there with you. My stepson has stolen credit cards, gotten suspended from school, been getting in trouble on the internet and who knows what else. He disrespects me constantly and his father has put him above me since day one. Constantly I'm being reprimanded about talking too "harshly" to this spoilt bratt. He has everything under the f****** sun while my two daughters have every penny counted that is spent on them. This kid gets to go to multiple events a year because that's what him and his dad have always done. I never have taken my girls to any such thing since I married this man three years ago. I have come to hate my stepson because he's so disrespectful, his mother is lazy and has let him get away with everything and so has his dad, I'm thrown on the back burner along with my daughter's, and I don't know if there's any fixing this. There's many other issues in my marriage but this is one of the biggest. I sympathize with you. I don't know how to fix it other than get rid of the b****** and revel in freedom! It's starting to sound amazing to me!

  • I too have a stepson whom I find irritating to the extreme. He is 28 and moved in to our home in April. He is a nice enough man but I find his personal habits loathsome. He smokes, and we don't, ok I can deal with that, I thought! No smoking indoors, so he smokes outside and drops his cigarette trash in my garden! He never washes his hands after visiting the bathroom, leaves a mess in our kitchen after preparing food, dirty dishes and spills. His room smells of, well I don't know what!! when you walk into the house a smell of dirtiness hits you coming from his room. His room is full of empty food packets and dirty dishes. My home is not a spotless house that you are afraid to relax in, but I do have certain standards that I like to keep.
    The other day I took a shower and found he had trimmed his beard and it was all over the tub and wash hand basin, at that point I flipped after crying and shouting at my husband I locked myself in the bathroom and thought " Can I put up with this?"
    Yes I have spoken to my husband, often, in his eyes his son can do no wrong. He tidies up after him, and turns a blind eye to all his dirty habits. I do not know what to do

  • I totally feel you. My stepson who is 21 by the way. Came to live with us this past June. Why you ask. Because he was kicked out of the MArine Corps. And to top it off, he's lying to his family in California, they all think he's still in the MArines. His plan is to hide out here in NEw Mexico with me and his dad and then go back to MArtinez, CA as the returning war hero next MAy. Which would have been the end of his enlistment. I fantasize about calling his mom and telling her everything, but that would bite me in the ass. If she knew the truth I don't think she would let him come back home. I f****** hate this kid. HE's an entitled, egotistical,smug, smirking, manipulative shitstain. I can't wait until he leaves

  • Thanks everyone, reading the initial post & comments in response has given me perspective, my situation could be a lot worse. Stepson (SS) has many of the qualities others have described: lies, epic laziness, selfish, manipulative, pot-addict. Good points: kind & loving to animals, babies/children, and elderly people; great taste in music; and a happy disposition. SS was happy to get to live with us & escape his evil female parent (EFP) 3 years ago, she's a raging manic-depressive beyotch with unresolved issues. Her older son, SS's half-brother, is 23 & a full-time addict drug dealer homeless couch-surfer, thanks to her parenting. SS is 16, I love him and am grateful I don't hate him, however I loathe and 100% HATE being lied to & disrespected. I've been struggling with resentment against this kid who lived thru so much bullsh*t when with EFP, who taught SS that the way to navigate life is by lying, being lazy & manipulating others into doing stuff he should/could do for himself. I love him very much and am grateful we were able to get him out of the nightmare of living with EFP (who tried her evil pathetic lying best to get out of paying child support with lies but that backfired and her support order amount got increased & her wages are being garnished!), and pray that we can help him overcome the bad behaviors learned from her. It's very painful to live with, and I can tell from all the other comments here on this topic that I'm not alone in the pain, anger & resentment this situation has brought. I love my SS and don't want to give up on him, but I can see I have to step back from the situation to focus on taking care of myself so I don't totally burn out and get so deep in resentment & anger that I start hating him.

  • I have to confess, I feel the same way. No one knows it (maybe my mom bc I think she too feels similar about my SS). SS is 12 now, but I met him when he was 6. At first, I was idealistic and went into the situation with rose colored glasses...really had no ill will of any kind. We didn't live near him (my husband moved to be closer to me). Reality hit when I found out he was begging DH to move back. Which is what we did. Perhaps that's why I resent him so. I left my job, family, etc. We have 50% custody and I thought living week in and week out with him, that I would eventually grow to love him. After 3+ years of living with him, I think the opposite is true. I can't stand him. The weeks he's with us, I grit my teeth to get through them. When he steps out the door and I know I won't see him for a week...let's just say my insides explode with joy. I have no affection for him. I do treat him kindly and civil, I even force the occasional hug for his sake...but internally I have no desire to interact with him. DH is my soulmate, so I have continued in the thought that a lifetime with DH is worth a few years of living with his son. Really, I'm just trying to surpass this "season" until he is grown and we can move away again.

  • I feel the same way. I have been with my husband for 9 years and I tried my very best to have a relationship with him but he's just an ingrate lazy b******! He is a slob and doesn't respect the rules of our house! He wants prAises but is so lazy to do something to earn it. I am disgusted with the fact that my husband says he's just too tired to reprimand him. He says i always sweat about small things and is so not easy going. I have a daughter of my own and reprimands her accordingly. And i am so frustrated at the fact that instead of doing the chores himself, this airhead stepson of mine would pass on yhe responsibility to my daughter! I have to make peace with myself and acceptvthe fact that i do not like him!

  • If I never saw my stepson again it would be too soon. I'm sorry you have this awful being in your life. I know I wish my stepson would just stop coming around.

  • Haha you dumb f****. Married a women with children.
    All you f****** deserve it.

    I spend my days making my step father miserable. F*** him and all step fathers.
    You all f****** deserve it. Bunch of alcoholic and drug-addled low-lifes that got their c**** snipped off, and are now so feminized, you raise the children of other men while your new wife carries your b**** around in her purse.

    Thats step dads for you.
    You deserve all the shame, misery, and ruin you brought down on your own weak m************ heads. Sincerely

    - Step sons everywhere.

  • Your a fuckfaced idiot

  • F*** off. Sorry your daddy never loved you or your mommy properly because now he has to go f*** someone else. Enjoy being the mistake. C***.

  • Go die

  • I must say you or should I say your attitude projects and immature uneducated lost soul. What you said in your post actually makes me have pity for you.

  • Fail troll is bad

  • Spoken like a true shitstain

  • Thats because your a typical worthless piece of trash. A selfish idiot just like your father. Karma will catch up to you. F******* moron

  • Another p**** who needs a good ass beating!

  • Die spawn

  • I have a stepson who 17,his mother and I have been married almost 6 years. My issue started out when he was 12 and he was telling his mom you said you would never get married again. He's an only child and while quite smart he's lazy, his mother waits on him hand and foot , she picks up after him , and one moment will treat him like an adult and the next moment treat him like a child. She cooks his food washes his clothes cleans up after him makes excuses for him, that's the child part. Treats him like an adult by buying him alcohol took his girlfriend to Planned Parenthood to get on the birth control. And lets him and his girlfriend have s** in his bedroom while she's watching TV in the living room. I've been told what he does is none of my business and I have no say in his raising at all. His very first job he was making $9.50 an hour, not bad for a 17-year-old. He decided he was bored and walked off the job . We had a cell phone plan for three phones one for each of us. His cell phone was totally free, he decided hey I've got a job I want my own phone. So while were in a contract for that third phone he goes out and gets a Nother phone . And tells us here's your phone back you're stuck with it now pay it off, and then walks a off the job we now are paying for two phones that he has or had. He talked to his mom into buying him a Xbox one even though he had an Xbox 360, A Nintendo Wii , A DS three, and one of those Nintendo cubes, with the promise he would make payments on it from his job which of course he walked off of .

  • This piece of s*** reminds me of my step son. F****** can't stand him. Best of luck to you

  • Same guy here: he also has to forced to take a shower or brush his teeth, he was really rude to his grandmother, and when I told him he needed to never talk to his grandmother that way again he reach back to hit me with a stick I grabbed his arm he told me " let go of my arm , old man I'm going to kick your ass" I told his mother you need to have him apologize to his grandmother and to me. His mother's response was well you shouldn't of assaulted my little boy. The kid is 17 , 6 feet tall and weighs close to 300 pounds. His mother buys them alcohol like I said earlier and lets his friends come over and get drunk at our house while we're out of town Ian's I don't find out about it and tell were on our trip out of town. His friends of stole from us and we don't know which one and they don't say anything to his friends about it I'm waiting for something Aminda disappear and then the s**** going to hit the fan. Part of me thinks it will get better now that he is turned 18. Part of me thinks it will just get worse. Like I said he walked off of the best job he'll probably ever get and he's not really looking too hard for replacement. Meanwhile someone has to pay that phone bill and someone has to pay for that Xbox. Also his mother in her stupidity got him a gas card for his car and now we're paying for gas for him to run his friends around pick him up take him to and from school to and from their jobs.

  • Wow,ive raised my stepson since the age of 3 now hes 22 and for the past 6 years its been mayham in our home he went to the police and spread lies about me which got dyfus involved cuz i got 2 daughters with his mom and he tld the cops that we dnt pay any attention to him at all only to the girls he dont shower or brush his grill he p***** around the toilet not in it he wnt wash a dish his dog makes a mess and i come home and hav to clean it he manipulates his mom he eats all the food he instgates fights and everyone tells me it looks like hes in love with his mother,we tell him to find a mate woman or man whatever his preference and he says he dnt need a girlfriend cuz he got his mom!!! Idk what to think i just wish hed disapear and leave us b happy,sad to say but his energy stinks and im tired of his bs

  • I have a 16 year old b****** S.O.B. stepson that is almost identical to yours. He is the biggest piece of crap to walk this earth! The b****** got in trouble with the law several times, and has tried and succeeded in ruining the relationship i have with his mother. For years i have tried not to hate him but he always find a way for me and everyone else to wish him dead. He doesn't have a girlfriend, i think he is gay and he's the reciever in his same s** relationship. He never helps out around the house but always has his rude hand out for money. Even his teachers hate him, he has never really had any consequences for anything he has done wrong his whole life. His motherhad a talk with him about how he should be punished.(she is such a f****** idiot) i hope he dissappears and never returns. One day i hope he gets caught breaking the law (which he does all the time) and stays there forever.

  • Ooooooh, I truly feel your pain. Mine is a worthless piece of s***, and Im starting to hate his enabling father too.

  • I hear yah

  • So sorry to hear problems with your step son, I have a step son age 11, their such terrible kids. After reading your story, my heart goes out to you, honestly if I were you I kick him out of house, tell him to smarten, if he can't get his act together. Having Adhd must be diffcult weather your a parent or child suffering with it and for your wife to treat her son like a child and adult, she must be going through quilt of some kind to appease her son, don't know why. She's doing more damage to her son and setting him up for failure by not letting him be accounable for his actions and letting him run the place like he sees fit. I would asked her if she had a daughter would she let her run her life even is she didn't had adhd.

  • Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way.

  • This is continuation of So sorry to hear problems with your step son: I have 19 year old, I admit I let him walk over me, not in he way your step son is. I baby him for so long, i did his laundry and clean his room and basically be mamas boy. My boyfriend said let him grow up he's not a child anymore, I'm doing more harm than good by enableing him. He's right he's not going to live with us forever he will evenutally move out and pay his own bills. He's right we got to teach him responsible with his money not take me for granted, he do well out there and not expect others to pick up the slacks. My bf told him he has to contributie to this household, we increase his rent: 3 of us are working fulltime, we live in low income housing base on 30%. I'm glad my bf spoke up maybe angily at my son, cus my son wasn't paying enough to help us pay to keep this place afloat. I was single mom for many years doting on him. I can't do that as much, he's still living at home, mind you he works full time, he's quiet paitent but can be lasy to clean up his room. I told him I'm not cleaning up his room anymore or doing his laundry, since working full time this summer. Concerning your step son, there is place agengies that help out, conunselling, maybe workshop. My bf has Adhd and was never medicate, his son takes med helps him focus and less distraction. Tell your wife she's doing more harn and not doing justise for her son, she's actually helping him to destroy his life, he doesn't need to be baby, he needs structure, focus, someone who's strong like yourself. You need to let her see whats it doing to all you. Really what parent provide boozes to their teens? Let her think her choices in how he's raising isn't helping out and she needs to get same page as you. Comfort her, tell her you love her and if you didn't care you won't say nothing, but you do. Good luck.

  • So do I and I feel terrible but I just can't help it

  • I can not stand my girlfriends two boys. They are so weird that when I first met them I thought they were mentally handicapped or had some disorder. But she says they are great kids and that they act like this because they are TWICE gifted???? I don't know about that to me they are spoiled brats with no respect for anyone or anything. The oldest boy 13 follows his mother everywhere she goes, she and I never get a moment to ourselves and if I say anything she yells at me and says that I can not discipline them because they have a father I'm suppose to be there friend. He is with his dad for a week and with us for a week but his brother 12 stays with us full time because his own father cant stand him. We want to get married but I think if we do it won't last because of her sons. I get physically ill when he comes over. Him not believing in a higher being (GOD) doesn't help our relationship either. I don't know what to do but I'm sure someone out there is going through the same thing. Any advice?

  • I wouldn't wanna be friends with garbage kids like that.

  • Twice gifted usually refers to a gifted child with a disorder such as add, gad, or autism

  • Get the f*** out of that shithole family

  • Absolutely man. don't make yourself miserable

  • Twice gifted means they have some sort of learning disability or disability, but it also couples with an extreme giftedness in some/one area. Look up Debrowski's work and other articles on "twice-exceptional" they have two exceptions- one needing special education often for their issues (and exception to normal/typical schooling), and are exceptional in the fact that they exceed in some area. So you're instinct about them having a disorder was right on.

  • Run like h***!

  • Absolutely when you married the woman you're stuck with her kids. It's a package deal Dude.

  • You can choose to not marry her and take on her burden. It's more expensive to divorce than to get married. In this case, you have a chance to cut the emotional ties and walk away from the twice-gifted package.

  • I have the same issue. I hate my girlfriends teenage son. He is a spoiled brat and respects knowone and his father encourages it.

  • I feel your pain! I boyfriend has a 14-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter who lived with their mother in another State when we started dating 6 years ago. Last year, both kids came to live with us FULL TIME. That said, I absolutely can't stand my stepson! I am literally physically repulsed by him. He has really poor hygiene and would go indefinitely without brushing his teeth or showering if he could get away with it. His rooms smells horrid, and I want to gag when I go passed it. He chews with his mouth open and will run his greasy fingers through his hair at the table. My boyfriend obviously loves his kids, and doesn’t see the issues that I see. When I mention the things that bother me, my boyfriend tells me to stop being so critical and to try and accept the child the way he is. The whole situation is causing me so much stress, because I really feel uncomfortable spending any time with this child who I find so repulsive!

  • Don't feel like your alone. My stepson doesn't take a bath but twice a week, is a real smart mouth and destroys everything everybody gives him. Turned down a paid college education to live with hood rats . He doesn't have any skills and is living in my rental house and lets a cat defacate all over the carpet with fried chicken and roaches in the floor. Please help me this kid won't even cut the grass. He's 23 years old.

  • Thats a worthless sonofabitch!

  • My God... Sounds like my 17 y/o stepson. He is a real idiot. He has mommy issues since his mom left him for us to clean up the disaster she created. He always has this look on his face like he wants to say something smart, but he knows what will happen of he does. He is the nastiest human being I've ever met. He hoards food, has the worst table manners, and I have to remind him to wash his hands (did I mention he's 17?!?) He also craves attention and is jealous of my two little ones (ages 3 and 8). We are trying to teach him to be a man, but he is nothing but a wuss. His idol is Eminem (ugh!) so he thinks living in a trailer park is cool. We have a very nice suburban home and he has the whole upstairs to himself, and he has everything he needs, but he had rather live in a freaking garbage can with his mother. He thinks he is so cool, but he is a total lame douchebag. He also has yellow teeth and bad breath because he won't brush regularly. Plain out nasty.

  • Yup. Know that one too. And when I tell mh step son to brush his teeth or to not skip leg excercise days at the gym, then I am verbally abusing him....

  • OMG I am in the same boat. How do I keep my marriage when I will not live with my stepson. He returns soon from s** offender treatment and I can't stand the thought of living with him.

  • This how I feel about my step son he is a walking peace of work I think there was a quicky involved and ex forgot c** in her cxxt so she rub it in and stain the mattress. Hate my step son so bad I wish could send back up there so did exsit. Also when he with his dad he gets everything all sweets and crap before food and mc donads the kid only two years old. When goes over grand parents there do the same even gives him colds and flu because keep kissing him on the lips. They choose him over my real child any day. Tell you story when we found out my gf was pregnant they said If was not a boy they didnt want to know. I was like wtf I have beautiful daughter love very dear. The child is basically spoiled which I hate because they never get my daughter anything and when comes too looking after them they only want the step son because they dont have get up in the night and keep him quite they feed him loads yogurts I mean loads the fridge full up. Next day the kid s******* like a whale sore a*** the lot and he moans because we wont give him s*** but real food home made. Well had guts full and gf she doesnt say much she just agrees like dead end.

  • I feel your frustration! I hate mine and he's a 25 year old free loading bum. He has nothing because he never worked to get anything. His mom and dad always paved his way thru life and now he's a useless piece of crap!!! Everyone is sick of helping him except his dad. I am In the middle because I married his dad 2 years ago. His presence disgust me too. He's here in my house sucking the life out of his dad and it's affecting my marriage! I want him to get out!!!!! I can't take it anymore!

  • OMG. You sound just like me. I just want him GONE. He steals, lies, and is generally just a pain in my ass. His dad has "talks" with him. I wish someone would beat his ASS!!!! He is a no good liar like his mother.
    I wish they would move far away and get lost.

  • Same here. It sucks! The little twatwad had the b**** to tell me and his dad to f*** off. Then called me a c*** and said he hated me his whole life. Twatwad is 17. Dont think me and his father will make it because daddy dearest thinks he is a great kid ( smokes pot, steals liquor, trouble in school, stole our car when he didnt even have a license, got left back in 10th grade, etc...) this is sad for us because daddy dearest and i have an 11 year old together.

  • F***** sounds like he should had been sucked through a tube a 12 weeks gestation!

  • What a piece of s*** human. Hopefully that kid gets killed

  • Lmfaoooooooo

  • My stepson has made my life a living h*** for the past 12 years. I totally hate him. I would be writing for days to explain everything he has done to me to ruin my life. I really love my husband so I decided to stay because I know one day devil boy will move out of my house. He is pure evil

  • My stepson is 25, I married his mother 15 years ago. and she still babies him, and yup he is still living with us, no job, no school, doesn't pay rent. no worries other than his playstation. I once thought he would move out, but he is the master of creating chaos for his benefit, like sabotaging his own car just so he had an excuse not to go to work.

  • Devil boy may never leave. This is my fear. 11 months and he is supposed to go but i doubt he will.

  • Omg I am so freaking glad my stepson is gone I hate him so much and I hate he makes me feel this way.he always is trying to freaking get married to every girl he meets like that is gonna solve his major hygiene issues and smartass mouth not to mention he is dirt dog lazy. My fear is he will actually have a kid with this bubble guppy looking gf he has. God forbid his s**** makes it to her egg.my wife will not tell them straight up they are not capable of being married or parents. My stepson tried to kill me and his mom and my one year old with her. He returned home and parked the car in downstairs garage with motor running. I noticed gas smell through vents. I wish I could punch his ugly face into the pine trees out back

  • He's a infected c***!

  • Kill the f***

  • Hahaha...exactly

  • Now I just feel like I rather this child leave my house. He has caused a lot of stress on me/us and horrible feelings i wouldn't have normally had if they were to just act right. They undermine my love and tell him what he should and shouldn't be doing with his oldest son. I'm about threw with his oldest son he is disrespectful mouthy and I just don't want to deal with him anymore. I much rather the grandparents just take the child away. I wish so badly the mother would get her s*** together and take this kid just take him away. I have never felt like this about any child he is a young adult and needs to ship up or out. I've told my love how i feel about this kid and really don't want this kid around me or my kids. I view him as an infection. I want nothing to do with. He is dirty mouthy disresectful hateful blames me for everything around him changing and not having grandparents or a mother. locks himself inside his room eats away from the family on the other side of the table
    I'm started to resent this child for even being born in the first place I hate this child and wish him gone every hour of the day I can not wait until he is out of my house. six more years and hes out. I've even told my future husband how i feel about him and told him if he wants to leave me thats fine too... the sooner the child will leave the best. He said he completely understands why i feel this way and his family is to blame he is sickned by how they treat the other children and wants nothing to do with them ever again. he just wanted to see if things had changed over the year.
    While the oldest boy got new 100.00 shoes new coat new outfits giftcards games football and im sure more than just want i remember my son got a snow suit a size too big for him two ten dollarr outfits s from walmart and toys from the dollar bin. while my parents got them the same amount to be equal. I wish he was never born His father wasnt there for the birth and wasn't happy she was preg with the child.

  • I Have a two year old with my loving soon to be husband. He has had this mistake of a child years before us and before he was ready to be serious and have a loving family.
    I had never better felt any type of way about his other child in fact i felt bad the child didn't seem to have a loving mother that did right by her first born or her other children which left zero respect for this horrible example of a mother placed in front of him which left him scared from abandonment and other things I wish not to get into.
    It all started with the grandparents the way they treated my son and made it out to be some ugly compatishtion between this 10 year old and this new born. I felt their hearts just wasn't in the correct place for them to mistreat a poor innocent child like they were completely acting as if he had the pleag and the older brother acted like thanks to dad I'm not the only one!!! I just felt like I needed to get away from these twisted people. and so We did and cut ties with them... needless to say the grandmother was being relentless about asking to see the one yet again and I just flat out told the love of my life if your going to have relations with her or them, maybe we need to just cut ties bc I wasn't going to have this battle I did not plan on going to any events, family get together nothing... They would never have my son alone and I can never forgive them.
    He really wanted his mother within his life or the grandmother however you want to call her?? I'm pregnant with our second child and all he can think of is on another new baby? I'm not going to be able to do anything football everyday nothing.... just great....
    He has since not been allowed to see his real mother because of her being in jail all the time and if she ever does its supervised bc they do not trust her. The grandparents when we first moved out went to low to contact the jailbirdmother to seek the out the oldest boy. It was unbearable to see them go so low unbelievable

  • Hello.... I've posted before regarding my step.... He has seemingly gotten better over the past year living with me. I still feel strongly about this child but he seems to be adjusting and so have I.... We have went for full custody because his Mother is just a horrible person an even worst Mother and Drug user and dealer... She has been in and out of Jail the past 3 months at least a dozen times and I'm not even kidding.... I'm expecting our second child together and We have just told him right before Christmas.... I'm 6 months along and its just getting to the point where he should notice before to long.... He has made comments about not wanting anymore brothers well guess what... Its another boy this will be my second son and my last.... He has two other brothers of which are within the welfare system young 6 and 4 I believe..... He sees them about one or twice a month but they are in a much better place than with her...
    I'm just not happy with his mouth and how he talks to his Father he also seems to treat my son differently than he does his first. I wish his Mother wasn't such a complete loser!! We live in my House and I have a three bedroom and I just feel some type of way cramping both my children in one room and having this mouthy disrespectful mistake of a child with me.... I just don't have the closeness and bonding or relations with his punk kid... I'm counting the days he is 18@!@@

  • Omg my step son is freaking a lunatic ! Just like his mother is she is schizophrenia! And my husband is sooo in denial! And it shredding our marriage! And before you people go hating me let me tell you my husband has never had anything to do with this almost grown boy! And all if a sudden he comes here after two years of not seeing or hearing from the kid because mommy has been hospitalized once again for being a crazy b****! And this kid is absolutely retarded he can't bath himself he can't brush his teeth and won't unless I stay I'm his lazy ass and. Has a bad eating disorder and I have taken him to dr after dr and get the same answer he needs to be test in the hospital for a while because he shows signs of. Sociopath , pathological liar and schizophrenia but they are unsure which one or maybe two of them and my husband refuses to listen to the drs! So last night my husband hit my in the face because I have once again stressed the fact I can't do it any longer! my husband spends no time with him or handles school things when he is in trouble etc I do everything for this kid and all I get is s*** on! this kid p***** in my floor he is 16 almost 17 come on no excuse he can remember his Xbox but can't remember where to point his p***** to pee! My husband has nothing to do with this kid at all he won't even set in the living room and watch a movie partly because nobody I mean nobody even his grandparents family can't stand to be around him for any amount of time . H*** my hubby's parents haven't seen or talk to him in almost 6 years and his brothers hubby's other kids haven't seen him longer than that! thats how f****** annoying! And for all you smart mouthed f****** who think we are being selfish f*** you you do it and see how it is when the kids are mental!

  • You have my sympathies bro. My signif others 17 yr old is f****** nasty, lazy manipulative and a drama queen. NEVER GETS DISCIPLINED. Im hoping one day he will take himself out like his equally c*** mother who was a f***** up nutjobs and bully b****.

  • It would be a blessing if my stepson would just be gone by any means necessary. Whether it's kidnappingoing, murdered, suicide, doesn't matter. He's a huge waste of skin. He's abusive to ours and others animals, disrespectful, mouthy, illiterate, careless, horribly disrespectful, piece of garbage child. He's 8 turning 9, not disciplined, nor am I allowed to even suggest without being ridiculed in front of this horrible spawn. Which doesn't help f*** all. F****** hate him

  • Sweetie, I so understand!!

  • I don't like my step son he is a piece of s*** and a mistake.

  • Lmfaoooooooo real s*** and to the point!

  • Yup. My stepson is garbage. I literally wish he would get hit by a car. He's certainly stupid enough. And both is parents encourage the little brat. It's disgusting and I literally HATE his guts. I fully intend on moving to the opposite coast. Even seeing him every other Sunday is enough because he's f****** stupid. He's cute, but that doesn't even matter based upon his demanding, s*****, whiny, b****-like, monstrous behavior. He is a pebble in my shoe.

  • A hindrance in happiness for sure

  • F*** you stepmothers your all terrible people, you think this is a joke? its f****** not; you made the commitment now live by it you f****** pieces of s****, I hope you all burn in h***.

  • F*** you. You're probably one of the a****** bio parents that raise these botch aborted f*** a****, you c***!

  • Get f*****.

  • F*** you burn your crazy ass kids in h*** with yourself

  • F*** you, you piece of scum.

  • F-U horrible step children that are nothing but a waste of skin taking up my air, my time and poisoning my home with your bullshit. I made a commitment to my husband not his psychopathic f*** of a son. I have two other step children who I love very much. SOMETIMES A F*** IS A F***, no matter what you do to try to get through, some kids, especially psychopathic kids like my step-son should come with the option to euthanize them like a rabid dig. My a****** of a step son would have been the first in line for this solution. The kid will only grow up to be an even bigger a******, and I hope someone puts him down or he gets locked up before he ends up hurting someone and their family. I have never hated anyone, and I love kids, I deal with the guilt about the way I feel about this b****** of a kid I have, but the guilt does not change that seeing him get hit by a bus would offer nothing more than an abundance sheer relief.

  • I f****** agree.

  • I completely understand I look at my stepson with disgust. I tried getting along with him after all i love my husband. But I look at his kid and feel sick to my stomache. He is 13 and has the worst hygiene ever. He always has his dirty hands in his nose or down his pants and is always wanting to dig his slimy hands In whatever I make. He is rude has no manners but acts like a spoiled brat who everyone's world should revolve around.
    He has the worst mouth always cussing and forget ever taking him in public. He acts like he is 2 years old in a store when he sees a toy. Eww my kids will never act that way and get away with it!
    As I'm watching him eat now he is shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands!
    I've been trying to teach him manners but he doesn't want to learn. I don't understand how someone could be so comfortable being so disgusting!
    The worst is he doesn't listen to me or his dad he is just out of control and very soon I will make sure he moves elsewhere let his mother take care of him since she let him become this way let her fat smelly ass deal with him. I can't wait until he is out of my home!

  • I told my better half that I just can't take it anymore. He wants to give it more time. However I just don't see this working out. I rather the kid just not even know my son be around me or my son. The child is 11 going on 6 acts like he can't do anything himself hates school hates work hates everything that takes him away from him video games. He has no friends and he can be sitting some place like at the dinner table and start laughing... I think he needs an evaluation I found glass pieces in my food, my sons toys destroyed. he has no respect and just expects everything just be given to him... When his brother was just 6 months old He mouthed off at his Paternal Grandparent for wanting a photo of her Grandsons... saying.... "GRANDSONS?? YEAHHH THANKS TO DAD!!!!" I find this whole situation completely sick and twisted... I want out NOW!

  • I have a similar problem I love my fiancée and our life together is great. But he has 3 kids from his ex wife and he has full custody. One thing that attracted me to him was his love for his kids. The kids are 7, 13 and 14 and although their mother is rarely in the picture and never does anything for the kids. I buy them clothes and take them to doctors and have to play the mother role. I try and want to love the kids and somedays I do. But in the end I don't like them. They are spoiled rotten brats! All 3 of them! My fiancée having to do everything alone for so long has let them become this way and is now trying to change what's been done.
    The 13 year old has aspergers and ADHD and although I understand he has problems he is also spoiled and his father is afraid to discipline him in any way whatsoever so I have to be the bad guy and I get punched and screamed at by a kid who is much bigger then me and in the end his dad wags his finger and says next time ill spank you or next time ill take a toy from you! Bullshit just take it away now when this happens daily and he hears that threat daily he won't believe you!
    The 14 year old is just lazy all she wants to do is stay on the Internet. I have found her b***** pads hidden in the shower and have found her dirty underwear on the living room floor and I have to tell her to pick them up. Although she is most respectful of the 3 kids even though she does nothing I ask when her dad isn't home ( such as doing her dishes)
    Now the 7 year old I adore her and she is the most helpful an neat of the kids she is the most mouthy she constantly screams to get her way has started stealing and lies about everything. She even took a knife outside one day and threatened to stab anyone who made her mad!
    I don't hate these kids but I don't love them at all! I wish their mom would do her job so I can be the fun step mom!

  • I have had about all I can take of this child, It wasn't always like this in the beginning however with such events like the grandparents ignoring my child. Comments being thrown around. Between the crazy Grandparents, Lice, Bugs, The State and the Drug addicted Mother abandoning her own son without so much as even a phone call?? I have had about all I can take of this child... He plays the Victim very well and is always looking for excitement from a fight and or aggruement of which he starts eggs on and or creates... We share a son together but I'm so ready to pack everything up and move out of state bc I will NOT allow my son to look up to a child like that! NOWAY! I have tryed speaking to him about making a choice for yourself to live a better life, You don't have to live with bugs and lice in your hair, His response is "I can't help that?" He even invited friends to come stay at his Mothers house with an over flowing septic Bugs and Lice!!! He doesn't care at 11 years old?? He could effect anyone even his half brother me and his father?? His mentality is warped and lacks common thought process. I have about had it. I'm looking about leaving my fiance He has bought me a ring and everything. I just can't be committed to such a nightmare. I know I seemingly came off hardcore about my stepson but I've been dealing with this mess for over three years now! Its only getting worse and I have my own child to teach and live for! This child is a waste of my time and energy and I'm gonna focus on my own before someone else s !!! I feel extremely bad for my own son and thank the lord he doesn't understand whats happening right now! His Father will surely side with his oldest even though he loves us and wants us to be a family Knowing this germ of a child only has one parent that's normal he wouldn't just turn his back on him. I know if i stay I will resent him for placing all this havoc onto me anyway.. Or my son will look up to a discussing firth! LET ME OUT!

  • I wish my step son would just go live with his Mother! It is so nasty him coming within my clean home and finding hes loaded with head-lice!.. This kid causing nothing but havoc and complete disgust he is nasty! His very presence in my home causes my stomach to turn. I have to spray and disinfect everthing this kid touches I don't allow him to bring any bags within my home to do cockroaches that maybe trasported from her home into mine! The kid has to get a shower and have a lice treatment every time he comes here....
    This child was just a complete mistake that happened years ago of which he begged her to aboard the child and wanted no part of it... He wasn't present at the birth... But has had pitty on the child because she is such an unfit parent
    Shes had two other children and has no clue where the father is She has been in jail and lost the other two kids and had been awarded to the state... Now I have the state coming to MY HOME because of this Mistake of a child and Her being so unfit and a drug addidit that would sell her kids for a bag of dobe! I have my own son of which we are fine and happy as long as this f****** waste of a child isn't around....
    I hate him even living here and wish to god he would just OD on his mothers Drugs! I don't want him infecting my home or my child! I wish he would just be gone! I feel zero pitty on this child that doesnt care how he lives or that he can effect another one else..... having his friends come to stay with him at his Mothers.... UGH!!!! I'm just sickined by this f*** up and wish he would just go away!!!! forever!!!
    I wouldn't miss him or think about him ever!~~~

  • I came across this forum by chance while desperately searching for anyone else out there that may be feeling the same way as I. My experience with step kids so far has been a very negative one despite my best intentions. Unfortunately the biological sperm donor, the "father" (term used loosely here), does not live very far away and is the "cool" dad with little or no rules in his home. How can anyone compete with this? About to lose our second one to this reprobate. Anybody else experience this?

  • I looked this topic up and could not believe the number of web sites out there on this topic. I met my husband when my stepson was ten and tried to be a parent to him as his mother was out of the picture. I was met with hate and this was encouraged by his aunt who is very evil (a woman who has no family or friends except my stepson). Long story short life was h*** he assaulted my husband and did 6months in juvenile jail. When he was 18 he moved out to live with his aunt, he did some jail time for drugs ect. My husband has been tring to help him. Then about a year ago he assulted me in the backyard of our home when I went out to have my morning coffee. The police were called because he knocked me out with a punch to the face. The DA insisted on having him arrested and pressing charges. He denied everything and it has taken us a whole year to get the DA to drop the charges (my husband could not bear to see his son go to jail). Now my husband is still tring to help him, he is a 25 year old dropout who lives with his aunt and plays video games and smokes pot all day. His aunt supports him as he has never worked a day in his life and she would do anything to hang on to him (it is so strange and people have even commented on the weird relationship they have, not natural). So thats where it stands and I amafraid if things do not change and my husband does not cut him loose I will have to cut myself loose.

  • I feel the same way. My step-son is very young too but just looking at him makes me want to just "strangle him" (cause he looks alot like his mom and i hate her) Another reason is that he cries for EVERYTHING.. if he eats, HE CRIES. If he takes a bath HE CRIES. If his dad is not around HE CRIES.. it irritates the heck out of me,, i just want to yell at him sometimes and be like "SHUT UP!" My boyfriend and I have a baby together and were thinking of getting married.. but realizing how much i hate him made me think that being tied to him and his son isn't such a fun idea to think about... I'm so glad for this website... Obviously i don't tell my boyfriend and i have kept it to myself I'm so glad i can discuss it here and not be judged. I don't know if i should tell him i don't like him though... I just wish he never existed but at the same time i wish i had never gotten with my boyfriend in the first place... just looking at my stepsons face, and having to deal with his mother a psychopath makes me regret the whole thing....

  • My stepson is the same way and I f****** hate him. Sometimes I wish I could just punch him in the face and throw him out the window like a f****** psycho lunatic! I hate that I feel this way and I have tried so many times to change my feelings towards him. I hate his face, the way he sounds, the things that he does, and most of all his f****** constant crying and screaming. If I hear him breathe, it p***** me off. Needless to say, I have to find my way out of this situation. It's awful...
    Judge away.. I won't be reading the responses.

  • I understand you!!! I f****** hate my stepson and pray that he just goes away. Dies, whatever. I wish him dead so i can have a baby. He's a piece of s*** and a f****** mistake. Go to h*** you f****** j***.

  • Geez, I read this and thought it was something I wrote!!! You have described by situation exactly. The little piece of s*** cries over EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter what I say to him, the little f***** cries about it and runs to his mother saying I'm being mean. I realize I sound like a rude angry person while venting, but there is no exaggeration in what I'm saying here. Even she is getting sick of it now that he is 6 years old. It's disgusting to watch him ask her to feed him and use baby talk, or be overly-needy and to hang off of her until she eventually tells him to settle down. He cries when he wakes up, he cries when he's asked to eat, he cries taking a bath, he cries getting dressed, etc. etc. He just f****** cries all the damn time and acts like a little b****. I'm ready to find a tall building and just throw him off the roof. We have our own son together who is truly a joy and isn't the needy little b**** that my step-f***** is. At age 2 he is independent beyond other 2 year olds, doesn't whine, eats when asked to and doesn't b**** about it, is already 80% potty trained, and acts like a mature 4 or 5 year old. Even he yells at the step-q**** in his little 2 year old voice and tells him to stop crying because it annoys the s*** out of him. He doesn't even know what he's crying about half the time. The only time he shuts up is when he can play his stupid video games. I can't stand the sight of his stupid f*****' face. I just plain hate this kid and wish the next time his father takes him for a weekend or week that he would just keep him, or they had some unfortunate industrial accident and they don't survive. I know I sound awful, but that's just how much I can't stand this kid. I'm noticeably happy when he's gone. I can't even hide the difference and make no attempt at it anymore. His level of intelligence is appallingly low, he is incapable of doing anything for himself, and the things he can do he cries about. Is there a bin I can just leave him in?

  • Wow. Interesting posts. Despite best intentions, this idea that blended families can work is, simply bogus.

  • I disagree. If people can make an effort to put aside their petty jealous feelings and think more about the needs of the step family members blended families can work. My grandfather married my grandmother when she already had three kids and they had four more together and stayed together until he died nearly 50 years later. I'm not saying things were perfect. An example of rocky times was when my grandfather and my uncle who is not was not his biological son went through a terrible period of resentment and bitterness when my uncle was a teenager. But later the two of them got along even better than my grandfather did with his own children. They even passed out drunk in a car once one in the front one in the back so as to not catch h*** from my grandmother for drinking.

    at least one of the chics here said that she hates her stepson and that is nothing more than petty selfishness and resentment of the fact that he is the child of her boyfriend or husbands ex. It's a classic case of jealousy and wanting him out of the way. He probably knows now that he is not wanted in his home and this will certainly cause behavioral problems. If this woman was treated like the meg griffen of the house she would probably lash out or cry more often too. He will not forget about the fact that he wasn't wanted or loved as a child and will likely grow up to resent his father and the cruel b**** who hated him just because he existed. "I'm sorry" will not be enough to heal these wounds.

  • I don't think it's ALL jealousy. I think that kids became parents, and there's no REAL parenting anymore. Kids run the roost now because parents are too spineless to lay down rules and enforce them. Because it's "easier" just to "end it" rather than make them learn the lesson and deal with it once and for all. It might take time, but that's where the real learning is. The facts remain that there are children that ARE garbage, and you can see how many examples of this truth above.

  • All I can say is being a stepparent, is like growing up to be a drug addicted, bum on the street: you never think it will happen to you. And when it does it is a lifevchanging situation, that you can never prepare yourself for. Oh, how amazing it would have been to have gotten an intelligent, interesting, well behaved contribution to the family.... instead I got ole "dur dur dur." He has no mental handicap, besides being an idiot. For the love of god, I have to remind him to brush his teeth, or button his pants. There is no way this child will ever be a productive member of society, and I try to tutor and educatre him. He does that fantastically disrespectful thing, where he looks me dead in the eyes, and listens to ABSOLUTELY nothing I say. Damn brat. Well stepparents, I will tell you, there was a point where I almost gave up and left, I had convinced myself that this imbecile's happiness was more important than mine and he could have his father to himself (this was after he tried to have me arrested by lying and saying I forced him to drink alcohol) and during these final stages of mental emotional and physical breakdown I sat with DH and told him what I needed to be happy, and that a life with him and SS was not going to ever work, SS could never change his sociopsthic anti-social behavior (drowning my kitten in the washer, kicking and throwing my chihuahuas, threatening to stab family members with knife in hand) wished them both the best, and confessed that I love him, and nothing will ever change that. Well sometimes DH is smart enough to see how hard you tried, and wont let his child ruin his or someone elses life. I am now happily 5 months pregnant, and only havr stepson one or twice a month, much better than the original 6 days a week. Surely, if the person you love, loves you in return, knows you entered the relationship with understanding of their situstion(an open mind and open heart) they will choose you and your happiness.

  • If you were treated like the meg griffen of the house you would act out too. I guess your a woman but if you were a man I would tell you that if I ever met you on the street I would rip your spinal cord out of your back and strangle you with it, and if your stepson grows up to be no good it will be because he was raised to believe he was no good.

  • T***.

  • You know what. F*** You I'm a man and the stepfather of a piece of worthless shot boy like these women are describing and until you have walked a mile in our shoes don't be so quick to judge.

  • Amen! Sorry to hear you know the struggle all too well.

  • I know this feeling all too well.... I have a fifteen month old and I swear I don't trust his older half demon brother for one moment with him alone... I have seen him trip him, fold his arms behind his back and leap over his head almost landing on him.... this is all in front of me. He is 11 years old and old enough to know better!! I witnessed him making a comment to his Grandmother because she asked for a photo together with her Grandsons... and His Comment was GGRANDSONNSS???? OH YEAH THANKS TO DAD!!! I was so appauled by this comment which by the way he didn't smile in the photo and it just stuck with me... What makes this worst for me is the older child is the golden-child and my son was completely ignored and I mean walked right by like he wasn't even there, all bc the older child may feel some type of way or If we don't work out?? If we move away and they get close to the child?? really that sounds very weak!! and a very poor excuse to me.... regardless I found it a blessing in the end and it just made it all that more eazier, I don't want my son around people who could do this in the first place... and since they don't wanna treat grandchildren as equals they are no longer apart of our lifes....
    The older Child comes from a troubled life His Mother is in and out of jail drugs, theft and more or less a no body! he has been through the court system and has prob seen more than any child his age should....
    He plays the victim very well and manipulates situations to only benefit him..... He is extremely jealous of his younger brothers blue eyes and nice ears.... where he has dark eyes and big HUGE DUMBO ears that drift downward or flop....I have never mistreated this child bc I know I'm the adult however I count the days til he is 18 and or hope and pray his mother cleans up her act! He is very disrespectful and lies about everything...My Fear is I will have the same problems with my son bc of his Actions.... and I rather have him out of my house before this

  • Wow all the tough guys on here who are anon.

    As a step father who's tried to love and care for a vile little s*** who starts fires, p***** all over towels, floors and in baths, wipes his own s*** down the walls, steals, vandalises, attacks girls, I can say it's not all the step parents fault for feeling hate.

    You live with the above (plus much, much more) for years on end before you show hostility toward those wishing harm. You wont be able to help it in the end. Comes naturally.

  • Wow.
    That horrible you're going through that.
    Kid sounds like a psychotic a******.
    2015epicfail@gmail.com if you want to vent.
    I would love to vent to others

  • Oh my gosh... Most of you sound like murderers and sociopaths, wishing harm on a family member?? Yikes. I've seen posts about drowning your stepchild or wanting them dead. Psycho!!!!! Get the professional help you clearly need. So sad and pitiful.

  • Obviously you don't have a horrid stepkid. I hope mine gets hit by a Mack truck so I can have a normal life

  • Exactly! F****** self-righteous bullshit those people are spewing when they have no idea. I doubt any of us would be saying these things (maybe a few exceptions) without DAMN good reason. Because, exactly! It is a kid. No one WANTS to feel this way. But they've earned it.

  • Stepmoms, I am a stepmom too. I found this page because I was looking for some written material to help me deal with my stepsons, 18 and 20. I have no kids of my own but have adopted my late bother's son, who is 18 now. My other stepson is very materialistic and demands expensive cellphone from us (my husband and I). Off cause I suggested a cheaper phone. Then he wrote on his Whatsapp status that "I am pretending to love them for the sake of my husband to think so, and that he doesn't love me either. He actually concluded by saying 'I hate you'. Obviously, I am very hurt. My husband reprimanded him and told him to leave if he is not happy. Me, I continue to do everything that I was doing for these boys before. I don't hate him at all, and wishes that he could see that I do care. What do I do. Obviously, he does talk to me when he wants money.

  • Me too!

  • H*** yea me too that's exactally how I feel

  • +1, me too

  • I was married to a b**** for 29 years who hated my son from the very beginning of our marriage (he was just 4 years old) for no good reason other than he wasn't hers. i should have divorced her the same day but I tried to work it out because it was my second marriage. That was the biggest mistake of my life and I regret it more than anything. So I don't have any compassion for any hateful women who trash their stepkids. Why don't you try being a mother to them as you would if you had given birth to them. You did sign up for the job when you married the dad. Women who always play the victim are most often the inflicter of pain to the people in their lives, not the other way around.

  • That's why you are alone and ...your son sucks just face it!

  • Bet your son was an a******.
    Mist people would not feel this way towards kids if they weren't irritating f****.

  • F*** off.

  • Your son is probably a piece of s*** loset. Don't blame the woman blame your p**** son.

  • Exactly! That's why these kids ARE brats! Because excuses are ALWAYS made for them. it's always EVERYONE ELSE'S problem.... enabling these f****** pieces of s***. That's why they're never forced to look at their behavior and reform themselves.

  • Exactly!
    Bio's always make excuses for their s***** behavior.

  • When I read your post, I wondered if some day my husband would hate me too. Not all women are like that. My stepson (I have 3 stepsons) somehow learned early on how to manipulate his father. I had compassion at first because the boys lost their mother and wanted so much to help. I know I am a good mother but this now 15 year old thing dominates our home. He has made up lies on me to his father, he has faked sick all the way to the hospital with the bills to follow only to find the prescription medication being hidden under his bed. I have an awesome relationship with the other 2 stepsons and I feel terrible even saying it but I borderline hate this kid. And in return it's making me crazy and hate myself. There is no help for this kid. He's a master liar and manipulator and I'm living a nightmare. I no longer leave my coffee sitting on the counters in the morning because he was caught spitting in my cup last year. My husband thinks this kid is king of all and does nothing to discipline him. I am filing for divorce next week. Not because I don't love my husband, but because I hate his monster son!

  • If you love hubby, you shouldn't let that f****** a****** kid be the reason for divorce.

  • Your a moron...you try putting up with other peoples kids. If your son would of been the bio kid to your ex he wouldnt be a loser and a weirdo. The dads dont see the kid is weird because of some quilt they have about leaving the bio mom. Look around I bet your kid is a weird.

  • Lmfaoooooooo truth

  • IF your kid is stupid, he or she will be hated by the step mom. I hat emy step kids too. Men with kids shoudl never marry and make some one else life miserable

  • Maybe because your children are brats and disrespectful.

    Whom on God's green earth would ever subject themselves to this abnormal,dysfunctional behavior? Seriously.

  • I've had a few different step dads and most were big jerks!!!!

  • Did it every occur to you that you were most likely treated like s*** because you were and continue to be a piece of s***? They didn't stick around because you and your mom are pathetic morons. The difference is your mom could probably suck d*** like she had a PHD in b******* so they stayed around long enough until they got sick of you both.

  • The fact that you had a few different stepdads goes a long way in showing where your problem really is...your mom. Good luck with that...

  • #preach

  • It is funny that the adults posting on here are probably just as bad, if not worse than the teenagers they are talking about. For God's sakes people, you are ADULTS! Do you remember being a teenager? Life sucks at that age, no matter what, and it is hard for any teen to deal with a "new" parent in their home. Teenagers make big ass deals out of dumb s***, and it is our responsibility as adults, to be the bigger person! Do all of you people think you are helping the situation by being b****** to your step-children? What kind of position does that put your spouse in? Maybe you should be more sensitive to teen issues, and either leave, or suck it up until they are grown! Grow the f*** up!

  • Wow...I was reading some of the posts here and was drawn to respond to this one post here telling parents to remember how they were as teens and grow the f*** up. Well, let me tell you a little something, some of the issues that I have had the agony of going through with my step son would cause you to slit your wrists. I understand teen issues but some of us are not bothered by theses mere drama queens and their issues, but moreso regarding their lack of learning any form of discipline and respect.
    Allow me to explain. I meet my boyfriend about 7 years ago and my ss was 17 at the time. I can understand his apprehension when we met but the first moment I was alone with this teen, he proceeded to tell me with an evil grin that he has his father by the b**** and that I should count the days until his dad uses me and dumps me. My jaw dropped ! As the years went by, I did my best in becoming his friend as I had no desire in being his second mother. I also had no plans in 'stealing' his dad from him.
    This little p**** made liking him very difficult. Thankfully he only came to MY house 2x a week for the weekends. Despite my best efforts and the embarrased feelings of hatred I had building, i never let it show and helped this ungrateful idiot as best I could and treated him like my own. As he grew older he continue with this despicable behavior and never once thanked my now fiance and I for all we have done for him. Allow me to add that we have done more for him than his mother ever has. Funny enough, when he would be in trouble or in financial strain, he would always call me. This teen is now 22 going on 23 and I am no longer embarrased to say that I hate this man. He takes 0 responsability, thinks the world owes him everything and is ungrateful. So before you go on stating that we, as adults should grow up, you should feel blessed not to nave to deal with a little p**** like this. Contrary to some here, my fiancee always backed me and feels the same way I do

  • I understand your response, but if you live in a house that as soon as your husband leaves and the stepson starts acting out....life isn't great. I will not leave because I love my husband and PUT HIM FIRST. My stepson will not live with us forever, thank god, but I will live with my husband for the rest of my life. I knew that when I said yes. It is a package deal that has a time limit. But I will not take dishonesty, disrespect, and plain out erratic behavior in MY home just because he doesn't like that I rule MY HOUSE. I feed him, clothe him, make sure he is hygenic, take him to his doc appt, makes sure he is doing well in school, and most importantly, dicipline when Dad isn't here. That is what he doesn't like. I can honestly say I love him a little, care a bunch, but definately dislike him. I will not be talked down to as if I am a friend or his B.M., yelled at because he is "upset" or had a bad day, or told off because he thinks he is right. No...I will not accept that. His father doesn't either. He knows the consequences to his behavior and more importantly, know right from wrong. Being a teenager allows minor forgivings but that does not give him an excuse for everything. This is what I was taught as a teenager as well and if I didn't act this way I think I would be doing more of a disservice to him then not acting at all. It SUCKS...I wish I had a better relationship with him and have tried and tried and tried....but he is the one at fault now....No...I will not take responsibility for his actions anymore. He will realize OUR behavior when he has his own kids, hopefully. Untill then...I will continue keeping on, one day at a time. Good luck to all with conflicts like this...sure isn't easy.

  • U must not have stepkids, u dont have a clue then wat sum of these pple are going threw. im sure one day u will eat the words, "maybee you should be more sensitive to teen issues, and either leave, or suck it up until they are grown." please open ur f****** eyes and we will grown the f*** up. thank you.

  • Have you been in the situation? Marrying the woman you love and one if her two kids turning out to be a monster? No? Didnt think so. So dont tell people to grow the f*** up when you have no idea whats its like to have your perfect marriage ruined by some brat you wish would just get lost ti their other biological parent........p****.

  • I agree with you. My marraige is ruined by my freaking step children. They are evil and they wish me dead. They actually told me that and I have been so good to them. They hate me because their mom is a loser and can't take care of them. They live with us 100% of the time and I can't stand the face of them. GOD.... HELP ME!!!

  • People, especially children, are a product of their environment .


  • neither do i s.s

  • i adore ur thought shrink,but not on above coments.

  • All you people who said you would choose your kid are the real idiots. In psychology you learn that you should choose your spouse over your kid. It's not that you neglect the child for the spouse, or that you allow the spouse to abuse the kid, but you have to remember a couple of things. For one that child will always be your child. Whether they are mad at your or not. And second the if you have a half way smart child they will grow up get married and start their own lives and then you will be more of an after thought. Then you will become like the kid, bugging your child to come and see you and things of that nature while they are living life up. That's how alot of people end up alone.

    Plus one of the most important ways to break the kid from rebelling is to sit down with them and tell them that this is how it's going to be. You shouldn't let your kids run your life or relationship. You are the adult, you know what's best not the child. So what if they don't like the fact that you are remarried. Until they pay bills in your house or become the main provider they don't have a say. You have to back up the stepparent and let them and the kid know that you have the spouses back as long as the spouse is acting right. I think parents today give kids way too much power over their lives. Yes love your kids cherish them but don't let them run your life.


  • I fully agree with Site Shrink if my husband would have stepped up and done something about his sone when he was stealing from school and my parents. Or maybe when he went and told his mom I treat him bad and he didn't want to around me( later finding out all because I made him finish his cereal and he wasn't hungry, or when he got bust for lookng at p*** at age 9 and I took his itouch away for not knowing how to use it obvious, or everytime that he cries to get out of trouble. If my husband woul dhave had my back during all of this maybe I wouldn't have so much hate towards my stepson. Maybe I wouldn't cringe and his very site. Maybe then I would want him to have his son a little more, then for him to stick to the parenting plan which were up to me I would reduce even more visitation. How do I even start on his ex, who was fine with the idea of me being in her sons life until I got pregnant, then made he son not only hate my but my daughter. And now I am pregnant with my first son, and the first thing she puts in my stepsons head is I am trying to replace him. If my husband would man up and put his foot down along time ago I know we wouldn't be in the same place as now. Thnking about splitting up before baby #3 arrives because since my pregnancy things with his son and ex have rocketed out of control and I feel it isn't heathly for me or my other children.

  • OMG, I love yoru comment and I 100% agree. I wished I could email this to my husband.

  • I just wanted to let everyone who has step parenting issues that there is a great site out there for you! Its www.cafemom.com. You have to register and join the group called "step parenting". You can get advice, vent, whatever. I love it!

  • My step daughter does the same thing! She lied to us and told us that she was being mistreated by her step father. Then she told her mother that I was mistreating her. Then one day we all sat down, her two parents and two step parents, and confronted her and she busted out crying and said that she just wants her dad to herself. Idiot.

  • Having been the child who was trashed by a stepmother and separated from her father I can attest to the fact that the child does get over it. She's dead and I'm beginning to have a relationship with my father.

    On the other side I have had my 18 y/o stepson move in with us after begging to get out of the abusive house of his mother and stepfather. Fast forward 4 months and he's been asked to find other living arrangements as he does not wish to be part of this house but rather come and go as he pleases. He is welcome to do that when he has his own place and pays his own bills. What did he do... went back to that oh sooooo abusive household he begged us to get him out of and now we're receiving emails from his mother filled with the lies that he has told her about what he had to endure here. I've learned he'll say/do exactly what is needed to get him what he wants.

    I'm so pleased to have found a place where others feel the same way about their stepchildren.

  • lol, you f****** ppl need a damn life.

  • Eat a c***.

  • YES once you have been a step parent comeback with ur opinion until then go to other site d*******!

  • U get a step, then come back with ur smart remarks.

  • NO, you do. Obviously you are reading this not for help or advice, but because you are bored.
    People have real issues with stepchildren. It is not like ll are bad. SOme people have wonderful stepchildren. My brother for instance, but others have been unfortunate to get really spoiled, selfish and sometimes criminal children.

  • The guy who said he would chose his wife over his own children is an idiot. She's probably f****** your best friend on your couch right now.

  • Who cares if the kid is ADHD? or if he is a monster?
    Get over yourself already.
    That kid means more to his father than you ever will be.

  • I'm a devoted husband and my daughter and my wife (not her mother) do not get along at all.
    I would chose my daughter anyday.
    Women come and go, but you can't replace the kid you made.

  • Wow, I feel sorry for your wife...

  • Seriously!

  • I wouldn't want a man who wouldn't choose his kids! However, boundaries need to be set with grown-ass children... my home is not my stepson's party pad.

  • I don't think stepchild and stepparents are arch-enemy by nature. It has nothing to do with who should choose who over who. It's not a choice by anyone but it certainly is work. If everyone (including your own sibling, your own friends, your child's friends, your child's teacher or even the grandparents) is telling you that your child is not being respectful to others, then there IS a problem and it needs to be dealt with. This has NOTHING to do with who the biological dad or mom should choose over who. People talking about how kids are irreplaceable and spouses are are missing the point big time.

  • OMG finally someone sees my point of view on this. =) Thanks, to the above commenter.

  • First of all I'm a guy and I would choose my wife over my kid. Especially if the kids a teenager. Kids are dumb and don't understand the big picture. At the end of the day when the kid has left the house and is grown up and forgot about you, your dumb a$$ will be sitting there all alone wishing you had that special person you let your kid run away. Kids will get over it. And when they do it's best to still have that some one special for you. Plus we need to start teaching our kids that it's not all about them. Thats why they are so bad. Not because of ADHD or ADD. It's because we spoil them into thinking life is about getting their way and it's not. Sometimes they are just not going to like what's happening and they have to learn to deal with it.

  • True story!

  • I get so sick of rude people shooting down the people who make confessions on this site.

  • Rude people don't bother me I could give a rats AS* what they think of me... I feel some type of way and their comment doesn't really matter.... end of story!

  • hateful and bitter women? i'm sorry... but have you been in this particular situation?? if not... shut your mouth! we're not all perfect like you i guess. my stepson is adhd and bipolar and is usually behaves like a complete monster! I realize that due to mental disorders it isnt entirely his fault.. but, being a stepparent it makes it even harder to love him when all he presents to the family is chaos. Everyone has different situations and curcumstances that we all deal w/ differently. I dont think any of us are the evil vs the good just bcause some of us can be thruthful about our feelings no matter how unflattering they may be. Isn't that what this site is for?

  • These hateful bitter ass women need to get over themselves.
    The kids will ALWAYS remain top priority.
    The dad and your "husband" would pick his children over your childish, immature, and pathetic ways I assure you!
    Jealous b****** these days, I swear!

  • I bet your kid (s) are a******* too, huh?

  • You're a f****** moron. I've BEEN on both sides of the coin, and I still agree with most of those comments. Get f*****.

  • You're such a douchebag...do you seriously think any person in their right mind would pick a rotten immature self centered d****** stepson or stepdaughter over their spouse? WRONG! This is not a control situation or jealousy issue by any means. It is about trying to instilling good values and morals in some kid(s) who can't be bothered. After much effort and years of trying to get respect, if a parent's efforts are in vain, then they have no choice but to go on with their lives, with their significant other. One day that immature ungrateful kid will grow the f*** up and maybe....i say maybe...realize that their parents (step or not) efforts had good intentions and ask for forgiveness for having been such a moron.
    What does is say when a teen doesn't love his biological parent enough to just be happy that they have found someone they love. Many of these teens are so insecure that they will jeopardize their parent's new relationship just because they can. Fucken self centered little s****!

  • Noo, men need to learn to be a father insteed of their kids friend. man and wife are the adults and kids are what they are, kids, parent need to make sure they know they are not full grown and if they were they need to get out into the real world and take care of themselves, dumbass men, i swear!!

  • This is really sad to read why a person would call a person childish,immature ect not that i would no but by reading what you have just posted clearly indicates to me that you have never been in this predicament i have been battling a ss situation for over 5 years now and i really have tried to love and cherish this child but he is sad that his father is with me and not his mum he is 17 now and the attitude and complete disrespect has gotten worse i force my husband to take him on trips and camping but he dosnt so my ss thinks i am keeping his dad from him when all i do is push my husband to do things without me but with him i really cant win i have kicked him out of the house now because he got violent towards me he is now living back at his mothers who is just as bad.So to end my comment please dont judge and put down people on here because you truely dont no what they are going through and if you did no what they were going through you would be the converted not the detester

  • I have been married 15 years now. My youngest stepson hates me because he wants us ti pay fir his truck pay rent and blow his check on what he wants. We raised 7 kids together and he us youngest 5 boys and very spouled. I dint care if he hates me. I will not allow anyone to make me hate I wont tilerate it but I cany standhate and wint hate. He will always be my husbands son and I will always care about that because I adore my man. I love him so much and I will never make him choise. Ive been through alot and I am glad stepson mived out because nothing I do is right but im ok with my man doing whatever he needs to for my stepson because he needs peace in trying to help his child. I support that as I woyldnt want anyone to stop me from helping my child. But I had to choose not to hate. Hatred is not the same as being upset with someones behavior and standing up fir eight and wrong I want to ove. That does noy meN I have to put up with anything but it does mean I get to smile and enjoy my lufe even Iif stepson never likes me

  • I love all these people who respond with put downs!! Obviously you have nothing better to do with your time & nothing remotely beneficial to offer, which comes across as distasteful bitterness to make yourselves feel like like your actually ok! Who are any of you to judge anyone's situation, it's not yours to judge. This is place for normal people in real sutuations to be able to find comfort & advice, it's for people who are looking for solutions! These people are not bitter they are just reaching out as a last resort!! I bet if you asked any person On here i bet they want the best scenario!! Which would be to live as a happy blended family! why else would they be trying so hard. Family is everything and when there is termoil it effects every aspect of your life, I wish every family the best of luck finding solutions & harmony because obviously you are all very committed to making the "blended family" work..

  • No they don't! Kids are not and shouldn't always be a priority. They are part of a family, not THE family. Smarten up, they've become THE excuse for not taking responsibility for our own lives!!!!


  • I was a kid once, and not too long ago. I am only 24. So for the kid who commented, I do understand your side of this. But I also know that my step daughter is lazy, does nothing at home to help out. Summer is here, so she doesn't go to school. She has no friends, so she sits at home all day, on the couch, drawing. I get so sick of walking into a dirty house that has not been touched and seeing her sit on her fat ass. Then she tries to talk to me, like nothing should be wrong- like I shouldn't be upset at her for being useless. And she says the same thing that you did- that she does alot to help us out, which leads me to believe that she is ignorant, because I can so obviously see that she did nothing. And the way I see it, her home has been broken for several years, she should be used to it by now so she can't use that one. And dealing with her dad marrying a stranger will not seem like such a big deal to you when you get older. You will grow up and realize that what should have mattered is your parents' happiness. You will get married yourself. You will have your own life, job, maybe kids. And you will see what I have been reminding her all along, that you were just a temporary member of the household. Imagine this... Your Dad married someone that you just can't stand. She yells at you so much that you just want to slit your wrist, just so that you don't have to hear the bullshit anymore. You finally torment her to the point that she can't stand it anymore, and she packs her stuff and leaves your dad. Your dad is lonely, and miserable. He has you, but hey, that's just you, and let's face it, sometimes adults need adults to keep them company. Talking to their kid iis great, but there is nothing like good ole adult conversation with someone you care about. Then you grow older, leave for college, or move out and start your own life with someone you care about. Your dad is still stuck at home and wanting to kill HIMSELF because he has noone, not even his kids. Get the message? Kids that try to run their parent's spouses off are very selfish. Even if you don't like the person, just try to remember that your parent is happy, and that you will be out of the house soon enough anyway.
    And for the one that wrote the confession, what does your step son do that makes you feel this way about him?


  • wow... being on the other side of the hateful stepparent/child relationship, I have to stick in a word for the kids. I lived with my father for a while who is remarried, and his wife never actually wanted me to move in in the first place, but lied to him and said she did. I did nothing to her, I tried to help around the house and do what I could, but it was worse than living with strangers. She emotionally abused me, yelled and cursed at me, every day was a living h***. I would have ended my life if it weren't for my real family. I stopped eating, I barely slept, my only escape was my friends and school. My father tried to stick up for me, but she kept b******* him out and threatened to leave. Eventually he moved me to a neighbour's house.

    Long story short, instead of hating your stepchildren, why don't you make an effort to understand them and bridge that divide? You may not be related to them by blood, but they are still your responsibility to at least try to get a long with. They may be going through worse times than you realise, dealing with a broken home as well as the fact that their real parent decided to marry a stranger. Can you imagine that trauma? What would you do in that sort of situation? Try thinking about someone other than yourselves for a change.

  • When I married it was a package deal, he came with her, dad told me not to adopt him, that I'd regret it, well to keep peice in the family I adopted the damm brat, and I've regretted it ever since, should've drownd the b****** back when I had the chance.

  • I feel you.

  • I am glad to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. When I confessed to feeling that way about my fiance's kids, I got trashed for it. Everyone told me not to marry him. I have made some progress with my situation though, just by completely ignoring my future step-daughter. I have cut her out of my wedding, since she got in my face and yelled at me, and I don't speak to her. I don't even acknowledge that she is in the room. I know that's hateful, but she deserves it for being so evil to me all this time. Now my fiance is going on the road (he is a truck driver) and I cannot wait for some alone time with the little s***. =P

  • Know what you're going through, had one just like that, it was the happiest day of my life when he went to live with his grand parents, that was over 25 years ago, I still can't stand the sight of him.

  • I cant stand, even hate my stepson. he is very jealous of half sister and half brother. talks bad about real mother and father. i being the stepmom have always treated him as my own cuz of his feeling until he turned on me wen things didnt go his way. i still cant feel my arm and part of my hand and fingers cuz of the little b******. forgiveness is not in me now, he's gone to far. he uses pple. only nice to those he can gain from. we ( me and his father and half sister) are moving and he's on his own, he says he's grown ass man, well we will c. he will need me b4 i need him and all i will say is, "remember, your a grown ass man at 22, figure it out" he is out of my life for good. try not to knock the pple who comment about their steps until u live it. u may one day b in this postion and think back all the things u said on this site and feel like a fool.

  • My stepson has a drug problem, I try to help him but when i take his dope away, he spreads dangerous lies about me. He has told everyone i know that I am a pedophile, and that i beat his mother so they walk through my house and do not speak to me at all, just put their heads down. His mother has defended him to the point that my feelings towards her are awful.

    I hate this kid, I can not look at his face without wanting to smash it with a brick. For over a decade I have been a father to he and his brother, and now I regret everything I have ever done to be a part of their lives.

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