I am better than you

In fact I'm better than almost everyone. I don't say this as a brag but as a fact. My only potential flaw is my self-recognition, which some would call arrogance.

I am smarter than you. I am better looking than you. I am more athletic than you. I am funnier than you. I am a better lover than you. I am a harder worker than you.

I hope people here don't try to attack me for stating these things about myself. It's just that I have more confidence than you. And besides, I'll just put you in your place anyway.


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  • Oh so sad, these pathetic responses. I read them only to amuse myself but you fail even at that.

  • The same way you fail at being everything you listed above, you p****.

  • Oh, shut up.

  • Maybe you are or maybe you aren't better than me. You really have no f****** idea...you who toots your own horn anonymously on a website where you can't prove a word you say. One thing is for sure: someone else is always better than you. Lots of people actually.

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