I'm just unhappy. Really, really unhappy. And I want to just end it, but that'd be really selfish. But what else can I really do when I'm hurting and there's nothing to make me feel better. What can I do when I'm feeling so low. I've been trying to get better but nothing is working. I just don't know what to do. I don't.

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  • Go to a 3rd world country and immerse in their culture and everyday life. You will have a different perspective after that and u will be thankful of where you are right now

  • I feel like tht but i decided best not to kill my self so i joined the RLSH their a super hero group and im a brother there to them and im british and like to make others happy add liamsimmonds1997 on ps3 if u wana join me

  • Finger yourself

  • Eat some pig

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