To ALL these girls and women who have

To ALL these girls and women who have ever said one of the following
1. My p**** don't stink
2. My feet don't stink
3. My breath don't stink
4. My fart don't stink
5 or any other line that implies that your body is non human

I have 4 words for you. SHUT THE F&CK UP

I don't care how good you think you look or how sexy you think you look, your sh&t stinks. That's why we don't rub your feet, or go down on you constantly, or want to kiss you when you've just eaten or woke up from sleeping. Women, dispite what they may tell you, are human and therefore they stink just like we do. I get tired of hearing you can go down on me I'm clean. Or I washed my feet this morning so they don't stink. Please. Just because you wash early in the morning don't mean you fresh the whole day. You are not angels just because you are fine. I'm tired of being with these fine girls and then when you tell them the truth they think you are crazy. Girls get over it you stink, your p****** stink, your feet stink, your fart stink, you s**t stink. Just own up to it. You're human and therefore it's going to happen. So stop lying to yourselves.

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  • LOL B**** do smell way worse than p****

  • Men stink way worse than women. You think all you have to do is wipe it off after s**, well try again. Women have to douche and take a shower EVERY day in order to smell fresh and clean. It is a pain in the ass doing my hair every day after the shower!

  • Yes, what a gentleman. Even Elizabeth Bennett couldn't get around to liking you. "With your obvious disdain for the odour of my feces, I could never be prevailed upon to marry you!"

  • i know i stink. and i'm female. but when i go out and around other people, i enjoy being clean and smelling good. the best relationship i've ever been in was with a guy that i felt comfortable farting around. we actually got a lot of laughs out of it. but for the most part, i am highly discreet about those types of things--i think American society (and maybe others) teaches females to be that way.

  • I stink! Sometimes my va-j-j stinks.. sometimes my feet stink.. my farts stink and so does my s***... just ask my husband! so there! i'm not one of those girls.... we all stink!

  • So true. Hot girls need to get a clue

  • Wow, the 10-year-old makes another appearance.

  • its the ones who think they dont stink that stink the worse....the really hot and sexy girls are the ones blowing there ass hole out and stinkin up the whole place!!!

  • wtf a horse. Anyway

    No I'm just tired of girls thinking they don't stink.


  • If a womans p**** smelled and tasted as sweet as a horses does, I might have a use for one.

  • My god, you're quite the gentleman, aren't you?

  • And that is why I refuse to have s** unless I just got out of the tub. And my man thinks Im crazy for it.

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