My Pits Smell Horrible

I have a very sensitive skin condition so I can't wear deodorant. I don't know what I can do. I have been standing in line at Dunkin Donuts and made a pregnant woman faint because of my horrible BO. It was so embarrassing and horrible. I had to leave without getting breakfast. But things like this happen all to often. I have no life, no friends, no girlfriend. One time I tried to wear some roll on deodorant and I ended up break out so badly I ended up in the hospital. I hate being like this and have on occasion thought of just ending it all. I hate my body it's so yucky and nasty and smelly. No woman would want me cause I stink plus I'm just not very attractive but through in the stink and forget about it. Is there any cute girls who like can't smell? Maybe I could hook up with one of them. Oh please I need help anyone. I'm so desperate and lonely. I bought a pet but even the kitten doesn't like me. Sad and lonely.

Nov 14, 2018

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  • Crystal deodorant my friend!

  • Take 30 to 50 mg of zinc everyday. It works. Won't even need deodorant.

  • Get some crystal deodorant. it is a natural salt. It works really well. u
    Usuallly at natural health stores

  • Baking soda. I use baking soda and it works great. Different brands have different textures, so try different ones; I know it sounds silly but some brands stick to you better than others, some are too grainy and won't stick to you as good. Use it under your armpits as you would baby powder.

  • Lame

  • There are many people who take bath and don't use deos still their BO is OK, what you are telling is baseless

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