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My boyfriend and I have been talking about me f****** him with a strap on. Now, we have not been together too long and we are not in a rut. I happily agreed though, I figure if that's what he wants then sure i'd be happy to give it to him. But we haven't even done that yet because i am away at college for a little while, and he is already talking about having a threesome with another man. And he is really excited for it. I am afraid that this is what leads people to discover that they are homosexual, and i really like this guy (maybe even love) and im terrified that he will leave me for a man but i still want to make him happy. What should I do? How do I handle this?

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  • Even if you stay together and he actually is gay, do you think you could change that? No.

    I was in a serious relationship with a woman who realized she was a lesbian, we have kids together even. We had a good relationship but she's happier now with her new partner and I'm happy for her. I really don't mean to sound conceded but I am a great guy and if she couldn't make it work with me then no other guy would do.

  • Drop him and find a decent guy!

  • is his name dj marcus

  • He is gay. He is already lost to you in that sense. Why do you want a man that wants to play the woman for other men? Makes no sense. I suggest you tell him to f*** off.

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